Grandmother smacked my daughter

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The other day my mil was visiting, we was sat talking and my daughter started miss behaving and I had told her not to push the remote off the arm of the chair like most two year olds she did it anyway, I whipped her up ( to put her in the naughty corner) but as I did the grandma swiped at her hand! ( now it was nothing hard infact my daughter never even noticed) the grandmother then said "Ooo the bugger, I tapped her hand" now maybe I should have delt with it then but instead I bit my tounge I told my husband said she needed to be told just incase she thinks it's ok to do it again.
Anyway he rang her and said what I had told him, he said he knows she has done it out of instinct but in the future could she never smack her again as it's not right. She then started arguing that we don't trust her, she will never have the kids alone, she hadn't done anything wrong, she said it's ok for my oldest daughter to beat 10 bells out of my younger daughter ( they fight like syblins do she certainly dose not beat her) she said how if my husbands grandparents would have hit him she would never of said anything. She went on and on and on about how much we have hurt her. How my husband stayed calm I don't know as I wouldn't of he just kept reassuring her that we know she wouldn't Hurt them and it was ok we wasn't mad we just needed to make sure it don't happen again. Anyway she now hasn't spoken to us for a week now and it's boxing day soon were due to go round for dinner, I will not apologise as we ant done anything wrong, it was handled right and i don't want her thinking it's ok to hit my children, we let so much go with her but this i just couldn't.
How would you feel if a granparent hit your child? And how would you deal with it?


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OMG I would be furious if anyone smacked my daugher! I kind of get annoyed when anyone even yells at her or tries to tell her what to do! Its like IM RIGHT HERE and im her mother I can handle it. Back off lol. Its not just the smack your MIL gave but just the fact that she felt a need to punish when you were right there!
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Hi my name is lucy I have a 4 year old and a 11 mounth old And yes I agree with u guys 100% of the way no one hits my kids I make shure they due things r way of raising are kids hitting and yelling dosnt really do any thing but make it worse I explain things to them then put them in time out and ask them if they under stand y i put them there dont let anyone tell u how to raise the kids no one is perfect

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