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Jane - posted on 10/18/2009




I have a 21mth old and a 3yr old. thats very common of them to do. I try as much as I can to stop the arguments or fights immediately and let them hug and kiss each other. I also let them call each other "sweet sister". It seems to be working cos If i had not done these things I dont know what I would be having to deal with in my home. And again it would not change overnight .....it would really depend on how consistent you are of reminding them to do or say the right thing. Commend them when they also act sweet to the other sibling!

Kimberly - posted on 10/14/2009




i don't know what to tell you i hve a little girl thats going to be 4 in nov. and a 21 month old. i feel like a ref. all the time. i find if i keep them busy doing things it seems to help a bit. and nap time is always great. lol! if you find any real answers let me know too.

Pamela - posted on 10/13/2009




hi although my 7 month old is not really a toddler more a cruiser I find my 20 month old can sometimes push in between us to get attention push him over intentionaly . If he does this he goes on the naughty mat which helps alot and when he is doing something good I make sure I praise him all the time. They each get time when its just one on one with me and the rest of the time I encourage the other to come and join in with us I start off a game and then I find after a few minute if I need to get something done I can just leave and they stick at it whether it be cars or blocks or dancing. I find this helps. my best friend has twin boys 18 months old they fight well its more ben fighting with noah but then they both gang up on there 3 year old brother . I think kids are just going to fight it's bound to happen just try your best to encourage the times they are playing well together and try and separate them or exclude them when they are being naughty not for long just long enough that they realize. Thats why I find the naughty spot helps. My son is on it for 1 minute and he sits there and I will continue to talk play with my youngest one then I ask him to apologize ( which often he does not do just sort of has his head down) then its hugs and come on lets play ! and we are back to normal

[deleted account]

Hi Mary,

I also have 2 sons very close in age 20mths & 9mths. Im finding that they both seem to be fighting for my attention, so i do certain one or one things with each of them. Dont know if it will help you, but worth a try.

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