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My son is two years old and Im having a problem with my son hitting I know it is normal but How do I get him to stop


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my g/f (who's b/f and daddy of both is on leave in the military) is having a huge problem with her 2yr old son bitting. And it's definitly out of frustration. The daycare makes him sit with the child he's bitten until the bitten child feels better which I think is a great tactic b/c it helps him to realize what he's doing is really hurting someone. I've also started to watch her 9mnth old once a week so she can go out and spend one-on-one time with him without baby. I think it's helping both of them. However I've only just started so it will take a bit before I think we see if it has any effect. I do think it helps her to sort of get passed her frustrations with her son and enjoy each other for a couple of hours every friday. My son started to hit and I got on him right away explaining to him our hands stay to ourselves and our hands are for hugging not hitting. It seems to have deterd him from acting out. But I'm lucky enough to have lots of time to spend with him so he doesn't have a lot of frustrations to deal with.

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Hitting just like biting, is a tactic used out of frustration. Although it can be embarrassing when your lil one is beating up on the other kids, it is only because he is frustrated. Try taking him away from the situation ... diversion works wonders for all of their negative behaviour. good luck.

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