help me!Am I a bad mom??????

Prisecaru - posted on 11/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




We have a difficult life.Until last month I was unemployed and I had argues with my husband everyday on the money we nedeed.I became so nervous that sometimes I was screaming at my child.My anger was becoming deeper when he was breaking something,or I had to cook something and he played around too much.After these episodes of anger I was so ashamed and I asked my child for forgiveness and explained why I yelled.He is such an wonderful child,he is my angel and my life.What can I do to became more relaxed and to take this life as it is,as hard as it is and to stop screaming at my beautifull and smart child?Please ,help me!!!!!I want to change for him.I want to give him a better life than we have,because I love him more than my life.


Nicole - posted on 01/31/2011




I don't think you are a bad mother. I know how you feel, my husband was not working and I lost my job and money was SUCH a stress. I remember the days when the baby would be in the high chair or play pen and be screaming because we were fighting. I would get mad at him for wasting food because we didn't have money to buy more. But I would always talk to him and tell him I was sorry and why mommy was upset and he seemed to understand. Things got better when I got a job. I hope things get better for you now too. I agree with the other ladies, take a brief time out when you feel yourself becoming upset. It has worked for me, I know I have a temper and I work REALLY hard to curtail it with my son. Remember, breath deep and it will all work out. Best of luck hope things get better!

Lynne - posted on 11/18/2010




Sherry is right. Most of us do this once in awhile - and of course feel terrible afterward - you did the right thing by aplogizing to your child. In future, just give yourself a quick time-out from everything when you are getting frustrated. Whether it's jumping on the computer for a minute or hiding in your room so you can have a minute of quiet, usually just a minute or two to yourself will give you the perspective you need to react appropriately. I hope everything else is getting easier for you.

Shery - posted on 11/12/2010




Thats a tough one and i think a lot of us do it unintentionally. Being a single mom myself i know how tough it can be moneywise and yes i catch myself taking it out on my children sometimes. No i do not think that makes you a bad mom. Sometimes i just step back for a few to calm myself down when i find myself starting to yell at them. It is tough but i am sure you will make it through it all :-)


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