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My son is 16 months old, obviously. He has taken up hitting his cousin who is only a month behind him, 15 months old. He will sometimes push or shove her too. He plays just fine with all other children and he doesn't hit on adults either, he just does it to his cousin. She never hits him back and just starts crying and he always gets fussed at for it, but he just won't quit. I'm pregnant and I'm worried maybe he might treat his new little sister with the same attitude. Again, he plays well with all other kids and I'm not sure if it's just because he is around her so much and not around any other kids as much or maybe he just doesn't like his cousin. Any advice on how to handle this would be greatly appreciated!


Kara - posted on 06/09/2009




My son started hitting, and I act very dramatically dissapointed when I strongly tell him "NO!" He usually looks worried, and I take his hand, and rub it gently on the other person's skin, and say "Nice...we have to be nice". Now even if he gets upset at me, he swings at the air, and then immediatly rubs my arm and looks guilty. (I think I remember smacking his hand the first couple times when he hit, but he caught on quick to the "nice rubs")


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Kari - posted on 06/09/2009




Thanks I appreciate the advice! I think I'll try to "nice rubs" and see if he responds better to that than when I tap him on the hand every time he does it. Hopefully he'll get the hint sometime soon because I feel nervous just taking him around other kids in case he might hit them for no reason!

Mandy - posted on 06/08/2009




My little one started hitting her older sister who is 2. I first tell her no and she knows what that means. If she does it again, I smack her hand and she stops.

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