how can a one year old toodler speak


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Kim - posted on 11/10/2009




it depends. My daughter was talking up a storm in complete sentences by the time she was a year (she's 5 now and has yet to stop talking). My son on the other hand is barely intelligible except for momma, toot toot, car, grr (short for Tigger) and bye and he's almost 2. Statistically girls talk sooner and better than boys (or so I was informed by my pediatrician). It also depends on how much you speak to them and making silly sounds that emphasize particular letters helps too according to my son's speech therapist. They also said to have no other noise around whenever possible. The kids can't differentiate between what you're saying and what the radio is saying for instance. I hope this helps. If you are concerned, bring it up at the next well child visit. Many states offer free developmental evaluations and can even offer free or reduced cost therapy if needed.

Danica - posted on 11/09/2009




my 22 month old was talking at one...and the daycare he is in now also teaches him sign language it is really cute!!

Diane - posted on 11/09/2009




my 11 month old can say dada,hey,mama,hi,kitty,yum yum and no ( it isnt exactly no but it is obviouse she knew what she wanted to saw, more like naw) and naturally there are alot of words you can hear said in babbling while playing to.... not sure if this was any help to you at all...

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