How do I get my son to stop biting and hitting in fun?

Lisa - posted on 02/26/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son, 25months, has currently taken on this bad habit of hitting and biting out of fun. Now I say out of fun because there's no malice in his face whatsoever. His father, who doesn't live with me, thinks that it may be a result of the two of them wrestling. Any advice from single moms who's child is with daddy on weekends? Or any dads with advice on how to broach the subject with my ex?


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Louise - posted on 03/03/2010




I agree totally with Candice. My son bit me once and once only! I told him to stop and he tried again. I told him that I was going to show him how biting hurt. He never did it again. There is no harm in rough and tumble, that is the fun part of having a Dad. So long as he is taught that some things hurt and that they must not be done to others. Good Luck

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this is going to sound absolutely ridicous but does he know that it hurts? I went through this with my daughter and we use to bite her llittle toes and belly at play. Probably our fault for playing this way but once she knew that it hurt us she stopped. So my recommedation and I'm gonna catch heck for this but when he bites you and it hurts, you need to do it back. Now not hard enough to leave a make just enough that they can feel the difference. Dads play rougher than mommies for obvious reasons and I'm sure he does mean to teach him bad things. But I would let him know that it is causing problems and that he is beginning to hurt people and that maybe he could help show him how to play more gently. It's hard to parent seperatly exspecially if there is any tension between the two of you. Just hang in there, your not alone and you have people like me who are happy to pass along their bad advice! haha I hope all goes well and if you don't teach him to stop the kid at the play ground or pre school will, that's how my son learned! :)

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