how to get a 16 month old to stop bitting???

Constance M. - posted on 05/21/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son has been bitting me and my nephew and any advice on how to get him to stop bittin? he just wont stop


Amy Michele - posted on 05/24/2009




Constance, Oh I am feeling for you. I am the Director of a childcare and Early Learning center so this is a daily battle for me. Do some research on biting. What you need to do first is see why he is biting. THere is a reason. Teething is usually NOT a reason. He was trying to kiss you, get attention, tell you something, etc.... Try and be patient. When it happens do not say "No No" Most children hear nothing you say after that word. Try putting him down and saying "you gave Mommy a Boo-Boo then walk away. Return in a minute and show him where he bit. Touch his mouth (Not hit) and repeate that "We do not bite" Give him a kiss and let it go. Be repetitative and it will stop. I promise, it stops :) Good Luck and God Bless


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Wendy - posted on 05/31/2009




My son is doing the same thing, he bites me and his cousin only. When he bites me it is because he is frustrated, I won't let him do or have somethings he wants. Similar with his cousin who is close in age. When my son bites his cousing I give my hin a firm no, biting hurts, and then remove him from the situation. I try to give lots of attention to my nephew so that my llittle one will see that he upset his cousin and learn that he will not get what he wants or any attention when he misbehaves. I hope he will learn empathy and that good behaviour means mommy will pay attention to him. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Natasha - posted on 05/29/2009




My daughter has been the same she was bitten very badly by another child when she went to daycare and ever since she started biting. I tried everything from ignoring her to giving her a nip back which just didnt work at all , it probably made the situation worse. I gave her time outs and a smack on the hand, talked to her about biting but nothing seemed to work until i threatened her with wasabi paste and so far we have had 2 weeks without a single bite, I haven't actually had to use the paste but if it looks as if she is going to bite all i say is Do you need some wasabi and she seems to know that means no

Good luck I know where you are coming from i felt like a terrible mother because i couldn't let my child play with anyone because i was scared the other child might have chunks taken out of them.
Each child is different so i guess different methods work

Christine - posted on 05/25/2009




my mother had that issue with my sis...she used hot sauce every time she bit...she stopped real fast

Angela - posted on 05/23/2009




I have twin girls and they bite each was a horriable couple of weeks there. I noticed that when they were getting a tooth in they became more aggressive and I learned to intervine QUICKLY when they started fighting over a toy. My one friend also put hot pepper sauce on her daughter's spot that she used to bite, this was the last time that she ever bit her. lolish.

Carys - posted on 05/22/2009




My nearly 16 month old bit me on my cheek for the first time today. I was holding him at the time, so I put him down and said 'No, don't do that' firmly and walked away. He knew that he'd done something bad, and cried immediately. I don't know what else you can do, because hitting him is out of the question, he's too young to reason with, and it's something I know most children do. I hope you get some useful advice, so that I van steal it, too!

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