how to stop my baby from brestfeeding? because i think that it's time..


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Jane - posted on 10/17/2009




Why do you think its time? Do you think that your baby is too old or are you over it all? Obviously your baby is still keen to continue, so why not? Im not trying to hassle you, just suggesting you consider going with the flow till your baby is ready to give up. I've been a bit over it recently and was trying to distract and delay feeds, but have had to accept that my toddler is just not ready to give up without a battle. And its not a battle I want to have.

Pamela - posted on 10/13/2009




I really have no idea I would thinks its just one of those things you just have to stop tell them they mummys milk is just for littler babys and that they are growing up nice and strong and are ready for a cup. you will get some crying and fussing but you just have to put up with it for a while until they come to you one day and no longer ask/need it . Just distract them with something else when its feed time like say if its night time a book is good get them to read it to you .. yes they have no idea how to read but if like my son he loves sitting making things up in his half word half gobblydigook language. If its morning maybe put on a few good kids songs and dance around and encourage your son to dance with you . We always have a morning dance.
My boys both weaned themselves the longest I got was 9 months congrats for bfing so long

Kara - posted on 10/12/2009




Jack and I are having that same problem. Are you down to one feeding a day? We were. For us, it was the morning feeding. It helped for me to make sure that I had changed out of my pj's and put on a t-shirt and bra before gettign him out of his room. If it is nighttime that you still have, I would suggest having someone else put them to bed. When your baby ask for your breast, just remind them that they are big now and they need to drink out of cup. I would expect a little resistance.

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