i have twins

Crystal - posted on 05/28/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have identical twin boys!!! Does anyone else have twins and what do u have??? And how yall handling it?????


Angela - posted on 06/07/2009




We have twins and we love it. They are identical girls, 16 months, born @ 35 weeks-NICU 4 weeks, blah blah blah. =) They are into everything right now, the floor is usually only clean from 10pm to 5am- i have decided that if the surfaces that they can not get to stay picked up, then I am ok with the floor being a disaster. Some days are better then others. =) We do "Book Babies" at the library-that has been our highlight of the week and now I am trying to ware them out a bit by going to the different parks everyday before their afternoon nap. I am glad that we have twins because the girls are at the same place developementally. I think that it would be hard to have 2 babies at different ages-newborn and a 16 month old seems a lot harder then having 2 16 month olds. We are having a hard time with sleeping-love to wake up @ 5 am=( Piper wakes up Kendall-Kendall is then grumpy-makes it a hard morning. Like I said some days are better then others and today I am tired and my house is not picked up and I am a bit stressed out because they are biting again. I don't know. Sometimes I think, "Wow, I am doing this, I love this." and then the next day I am like, "yikes,, someone help me out!!!"We are moving in Aug and I just keep thinking, how am I going to do all this work AND have the girls under foot all the time. Because they won't even let me go to the bathroom with out wailing outside the door and trying to put their little hands under the crack to get to me-like I am in there for more in 30 seconds! Yeah, maybe today was a harder day then I thought when I started answering this letter. Everyone tells me that twins are easy after they are 2 because they just play together and always have someone to hang out with. Our girls do play together now a bit but they fight too so I guess that we will see maybe 2 will be easier. They are so cute though-today they started dancing with hand motions. This makes me smile. =) I have got to go to bed!!!!

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