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Hi! My name is Lisa. I was so happy to give birth to a daughter the second time around. Now I truly have the best of both worlds, a son and a daughter.

Jayly Marie Earnest was born on January 29th, 2008 at 7:17 in the evening, after I was induced. Otherwise, she probably would have been a February baby like her due date suggested. She weighed in at 6 lbs.10.4 oz., but to look at her features and head size, she appeared smaller.

After a month of having her home, I started to notice she spit up her milk and would cry a lot. She never had the projectile kind and seemed to handle it by learning to swallow it. She slept in a propped up position in her baby swing until she was to mobile to do so. The doctor said it was acid reflux and colic. She was on Zantac from about 2 months until I took her off at about 5 months (I figured she was old enough to start drinking water and I really didn't like the idea of giving her Zantac). The doctor understood this.

What started to concern me was that she didn't ever have a hearty appetite because her condition tired her out and frustrated her. But the doctor didn't seem too concerned because Jayly was moving up the growing chart each visit.

At about 1 year, Jayly had grown out of the acid reflux and I broke her from breastfeeding in hope she might take to baby food better and now table food to start gaining weight. At this time her doctor is pretty involved and puts her on pediasure not only to gain weight but also because she never took to cow's milk.

Recently, Jayly's weight has flatlined the last 3 visits. Her dad and I are awaiting her blood tests to come back as I write this. She will see a specialist at Childrens and be put on a nutrition program to help with her "failure to thrive".

Currently, Jayly is 16 months old and weighs 17 lbs. Are any of you dealing with this same kind of thing? Any suggestions?


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My daughter is only 19 lbs, and she was 17 for the loooooongest time, like 2-3 quarterly visits. Those recent 2 lbs have been in the last 3-4 months only. She was/is breastfed (weaning now) & has always been a great eater. I guess we started solid food & cows milk later than some (around 9-10 months for food, no milk till after 1 really.) She never had colic & has spit up like 3 times in her life, and except for 2-3 colds has never been sick or had health problems. Last time we had her weighed she was in like 2% so they want us to give her more milk & less water. I guess my point is- she may just be small! I think you are good to have the doctors looking at all possibilites, cuz if there's something going on you want to know, but at the same time, try not to stress too much. My daughters super healthy & she's just small! My best friends 2 daughters are the same- very low percentile for weight their whole life, and the 3 year old still wears 18 mos & 2T clothes. They were also breastfed for a long time. All the (past 3 mos) breastfed babies I know are a leaner build then the kids I know who had lots of formula, so keep in mind all those heavy babies who are figured into these averages.


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Lisa - posted on 06/11/2009




Thanks so much Elizabeth:) You have a point. Maybe there should be 2 different scales to go by, one for formula-fed infants and one for breastfed babies:)

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