Money saving tips on clothes shopping....

Jamie - posted on 04/28/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




These are how I go shopping for my kids and save money while doing it.......

1) Buy in off seasons-Means if its the middle of the summer hit the clearance racks you will probably find winter clothes for super cheap!

2)Buy large-When the shirt you want to get only comes in a larger size then get it because its wearable longer.

3)If you have a toddler and they are in size 3T, Skip over to the big kid section you are more likley to find an equivalant at a cheaper price. (XS)(4)

4)Iron on patches are great for the kids that dont grow out of there pants quickly and you can let them pick out what design they like. You can even put them on old shirts to make them look new. OR a demin jacket that was on sale that you found in the boys section, add a Minnie Mouse Iron on for your daughter! LOL Ya I did that!

Anybody have any of there own to share?


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Katie - posted on 06/03/2010




Ebay i love it if u dnt like having ur bank details on the internet get urself a debit card thats wat i did so much stuff on there not just clothes everything i love it :)

Colleen - posted on 06/02/2010




I have started buying XS shirts for my 2 year old, and they are slightly large, but will probably fit her next year as well as possibly the next after that. I think JC Penney has the best sales, and often also has percent off coupons. I can usually get coordinating tops and bottoms for $4 or $5 each. I've also bee very lucky to get hand me downs from my sister in law and from neighbors. I'm not shy about asking neighbors or church members if they would consider giving us their hand me downs. Most are happy to have a place to get rid of them. I wonder if you could start an exchange group in preschool? So many families now have more than one kid that they may have younger or older kids to donate to.

Sarai - posted on 06/01/2010




I always check out neighborhood wide yard-sales for bigger sizes. I once got a bag full of things for only $2.00!! Brand new shoes for $1.00!! Thank you for tip #3!! My daughter is in a 3t right now and I never even thought about going into the big kid section! I will be doing that the next time we go shopping for my daughter!

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