My 3 yr old drinks WAY too much, what should I do?

Laura - posted on 12/01/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




for as long as I can remember, my son has seemed to have an issue with excessive thirst. I'll get him a sippy or cup full of whatever drink is up in rotation, (juice, milk, water, herbal tea, etc) and he guzzles the drink and immediately asks for more. and if not immediately, then within 5 minutes. this is how it goes all day long. he gets hysterical if i try to make him wait awhile for his next drink, or tell him he has to eat real food first. I've tried to bring this to the doc's attention but he just keeps telling me it's perfectly normal. Has anyone else had this issue crop up? how do i deal with it and could it mean there's an underlying problem causing it? He drinks so much during the day that it effects his appetite! I'm lucky if i can get him to take 4 bites of any meal he's given.


Deanna - posted on 12/02/2011




My 3 year old is the same way, he drinks all day long and doesnt want to eat. My pediatician tested for diabetes it was negative and she said if he is active than he will be thirsy. As long as he is urinating enough for the amount he is drinking not to worry. She suggested that he start drinking at least one pediasure a day since he wants to drink anyway and then doesnt want to eat he will at least get the proper nutrients that he isnt getting from drinking tea water and fruit juice. She also suggested to cut down on the fruit juice as it tends to be sugary and fills them up

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My kid always preferred drinking to eating also. I found that stuff like pediasure was pretty expensive, but I compared nutrient labels with the carnation breakfast drink mix and found they were very close and the carnation is significantly less expensive oz for oz. My grocery store (Safeway) sells big cannisters of it, not the individual packets - they are more expensive on a per-oz basis. Maybe someplace like CostCo would have it even better. I don't mix it as strong as the directions call for or it's way too thick and I'd rather he be accustomed to the consistency of milk and not the thick shake-like stuff. Besides, if he's going to drink it so much, he still gets the nutrition that way.

So when he wanted a drink, I'd either give him water or carnation - which for some reason he decided was called "juice" and that's how he asks for it. He only got apple or orange juice maybe once or twice a week and doesn't think of them as juice. Granted, the carnation would fill him and he wouldn't want much food, but I didn't fret because he was getting nutrition and his daily allowance of milk. As long as the doc indicated he was growing well, it seems like it has been ok.

Now he's older, he has eased off on the "juice", altho I helped that along by mixing it weaker and weaker, or sometimes just giving him plain milk instead. But he practically lived on "juice" for about two years, with only occasional forays into real food if it was mac n cheese, hot dogs, pickles or olives, apples or grapes, or something else he had decided was ok.

Even now when not having "juice", my kid doesn't eat much. I am trying to teach table manners so he now has to eat a certain number of bites of his dinner before he may ask to get down. Seems to me he doesn't eat enough, but he seems to be thriving, so what do I know? Someone told me at his age, they only need about 1000 calories a day anyway, so if you want to know how yours compares, keep track of how much and what he consumes and figure it out for yourself. I did and was definitely reassured.

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just a thought (and don't want to worry you), but extreme thirst can be a sign of diabetes. i would ask to get it tested just to ease my mind


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Michelle - posted on 07/01/2016




Only just this morning my 4 year old son woke up about 4am for a drink he drinks out of sports bottles I fill it up half way and go back to bed 5 min later he is in my room crying cuz he drank it to fast and his tummy hurts I had to hold his tummy till he fell asleep he drinks so much and wen he gets it in his head that's it he acts like he has been in the desert for weeks unlike other comments he loves his food and eats enough but after this morning I am a little worried about sugar levels

Sandra - posted on 03/06/2012




All four of my kids are big drinkers. They're healthy, so I don't worry about it. Then again, dh and I drink a lot, too.

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