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I have a little climber on my hands. My daughter climbs anything and everything she can (except out of her crib which is amazing). I need other's opinions though. I am torn between letting her fall when she stands on the couch and grabbing her to help her fall gently. My DH and I keep going back and forth because she isn't likely to hurt herself falling that short distance and it would teach her that she needs to be careful and maybe not climb...however, she COULD hurt herself so we want to catch her but that teaches her that mommy and daddy will always catch her so she can just throw herself down and it won't hurt. What do you think? She even climbed up and over the back of her highchair yesterday.. good grief!


Julia - posted on 02/17/2009




I usually let my little girl fall. Not off the couch though because ours is a little high, but if she climbs on top of her toys or something, we let her fall so she relizes that maybe she shouldn't climb on things because then she falls. But yesterday, we have a gate between our living room and dining room and she stood on her box of wipes, slipped, and hit her tooth on the top of the gate. She didn't cry for that long, but her tooth bled for like 45 minutes! I felt so bad! I don't think it's loose, because everytime I try to feel it she bites down on my finger, but I still feel like I'm a bad mommy! :( I probably will still let her fall most of the time, but I'll be more careful about what she falls from. It's a hard decision because you want to protect them from getting hurt, but you can't be there to catch them from falling from everything!

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