my son keeps wakeing up at night

Tiffany - posted on 12/28/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




i need some advice my son wakes up cryen about every three hours every n ight he screams throws himself and i try and hug him or rock him he still crys and then it will take him about 15 min to fall back asleep everytime he wakes anyone have some helpfull tips for me i am going crazy!!!!!


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When my son went from 2 naps a day down to 1 nap a day, he started having night terrors, which are different from nightmares. He would start crying an hour or 2 after he went to sleep and would seem like he was awake, but he wouldn't respond to me or my husband. At first we tried to rock him and soothe him, but he would just keep crying. When we asked the doctor she said it was a normal response to being over-tired and that he would work it out on his own. So we just left him alone after we checked on him and let him cry it out. It was hard for us to do, but he stopped having them when he got used to the new sleep and nap schedule.

Felicia - posted on 12/28/2009




This sounds a lot like what my 9 month old was doing. I was thinking he would never sleep through the night. After saying something about the 'fits' to his pediatrician, she came up with he may be having a gastro problem, and gave him baby Zantac. After about a week of taking it twice a day, he is sleeping through the night. Let me describe what he was doing:

---He would wake up screaming, and twist and turn and arch his back. Sometimes he would work himself up and it would almost seem like he couldn't breathe, but he was breathing. Like it was hard for him to breathe. And then one night, he spit up through his nose, which he has NEVER spit up in the whole 9 months.---

I'm not saying this is what is going on with your son, but if it continues to happen, definitely describe it to his Dr at the next check up. Make sure you give the Dr details about what exactly he is doing, because if not they will chalk it up to just normal waking. Write it down right after it happens if you have to to remember it all. Maybe there is a valid reason it is happening. After I found out what was really going on, I felt very guilty because for his whole life I just thought he was one of those babies that would never sleep for more than a few minutes. In 24 hrs he was literally sleeping 5. That includes overnight. So.... hope this helps a little!

Courtney - posted on 12/28/2009




I've read that children this age often can have nightmares, and since they have no sense of reality yet, they think it's real and it can be very frightening to a child. Has he always done this, or is it a new thing? My daughter was sleeping through the night, but in just the last few weeks, she's been waking up every morning at 4am screaming!

I guess I don't have any real advice for you. Maybe try to warm up his room, and take away a nap if he still takes one. Maybe if he's in a deep enough sleep, he'll just sleep through the night. I'm sure, like everything else, it's just a phase. Stick in there!

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