Need some health advice on 3 year old son!

Charlotte - posted on 12/02/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son will be 4 in January and since the day he was born he has had a red mark on his 'private area'. The doctors have told me this is nothing to worry about and up until recently it hasn't been of any concern.

However, since he has been potty trained I have noticed a lot of potential problems with his 'downstairs area', sometimes the tip is very sore and red (but he never complains of any pain), and I have also noticed however hard he tries to control it, sometimes he just wees everywhere, even though he is aiming for the toilet.

Last night he woke several times during the night in pain, complaining that his 'dinky' hurt. I took him to the nurse this morning, thinking it was a urine infection but the tests came back all clear. However when she examined is area, she said his foreskin looked tight, she then told me that they will not be treating it.

I have lots of friends who have young boys and none of their sons have had this problem, so I am slightly concerned that this is a bigger issue than its being made out to be. I would prefer my son to have an operation so that this doesn't continue to happen in the future.

I have been to the doctors on several occasions for many different reason with my son, and they never seem to act on it, I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem with their child? And did the doctors refer them to the hospital etc...?

Thanks very much, and apologies for the rather graphic post!


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S - posted on 03/18/2013




Don't know if you got this resolved, but my son (now grown) had similar issues. He was not circumcised. Me not knowing any better, (and thinking dad was doing his job...), I didn't know I was supposed to help with retraction in that area. He wound up needing to be circed at age 12. Wish I had known :-(

Aniesha - posted on 12/02/2011




Not sure what could be wrong with your son, but I'd get several opinions if I was you. You're right, it definitely sounds like something is wrong.

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