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Is any ones two year old OC right now? My son seems to be getting worse and worse with this. It started with him lining up his cars and trucks and I thought it was cute. Now first thing he does when he comes home from daycare is take all his Hot Wheel cars (about 20) and lines them up side by side in the same place everyday. He rolls them each back and forth 3 times making 'car noises' then lines them each up. But then will not play with them any further, and get made if they get knocked out of place. Now he is also lining all the shoes up. They have to be in matching pairs, and side by side. Including my husbands an mine too! Now I like to put thing back in there place once done, but have never been overly strict about it.

From what I read online, it seems to be 'normal'. But just wondering if anyone else is seeing or going through this?


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Hi there. My seven year old will sometimes line her toys up or arrange them in a particular pattern. She has an autism spectrum disorder. This wasn't always so obvious to me because she would do this with her barbie dolls (I thought that she was just having them sit side by side as if they were at a concert or show) but the focus was always on the lining up and arranging of them and not the actual playing and interacting with the dolls. I saw this a little more clearly when she did this with other toys.

Is your son on track with all of his developmental milestones? How is his language, his eye contact? Does he play well with the other kids at daycare? Does he answer you consistently when you call his name? Lining up toys can be a symptom of autism but not so much if he is otherwise on track with his development and can play with toys in a normal way which includes pretend play like the other mom posted who's daughter "pretends to vacuum." If you are concerned at all you should definitely contact your pediatrician. I hope that this helps.


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Thanks Tracy,

His speech is a little behind, but not really by much. He understands everything, and can point to anything in a book that you ask. He plays well with other, and plays with all his other toys like the trains and other trucks but still like to line them up front to back (which of course trains do) or side by side. But he'll play with those more. He is very affectionate and responds very well to any and (almost) all commands. I did some research online and almost all websites said it's normal, and that at this age they are starting to 'learn' to play by sorting. But I will most certainly keep an extra eye on him and consult with my doc if I see any other 'off' signs.

Sara - posted on 02/26/2010




My daughter does that too. We are home all day and not only does she take our shoes and make them all proper looking but she'll clean up the front room by picking up all the toys and pretending to vacuum. She is also very meticulous about the way she eats it's funny no one food can be touching another or she will not eat.

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