Potty Training??

Leah - posted on 10/03/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




how are you guys potty traning you babies?? any helpful advice would be great..


Mandy - posted on 10/03/2009




I'm waiting until after she turns 2. We'll take away the diapers and just use panties. I set a timer to remind us when to go starting with every 30 minutes. I give fruit snacks for keeping panties dry and having successes in the toilet. This is how I've trained my older 2 so hopefully it will work this time around.


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Misti - posted on 11/02/2009




my daughter is 21 months old and about 2 weeks ago she pooped in her diaper and i didnt know it then i heard her in my bathroom and she had taken her diaper off and put the poop in the toilet so i kinda got the idea that she may be ready to potty train so i just put panties on her and she has been wearing them every since she has had about 3 accidents but i am very patient with her. she tells me when she needs to potty and we go. so i think it is up to your child when they are ready

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right now we are just reading potty books and watching the elmo potty movie. our son has told me a couple of times that he has to go but we are just taking it slow.

Erika - posted on 10/19/2009




i took my son to the bathroom with me every time i went an sat him down in his potty an every time he went i made it a very big deal. then i took off diaper made him wear undies through out the day an took him to the potty about every 15 mins till he got the drift when he peed on himself i would explain it to him an bathe him it took me about a month my son is 20 mths an he is potty trained

Jane - posted on 10/17/2009




Im waiting till she turns two. In the meantime we talk about poos and wees. She always comes with me when I go to the toilet (and takes an embarrassing amount of interest). I tell her that soon she will use the toilet instead of nappies because that's what big girls do. So, at the moment we just talk about it a lot and she'll sometimes tell me when she's filling her nappy.

Patricia - posted on 10/12/2009




Every time I would change my son's diaper he would make himself pee and he would of course think that it was hilarious, me not so much! So I just thought that if I know that he is going to go each time I change him why not put him on the potty? So that is how we started about 2 months ago and now he loves it he goes on the big potty (I think it is best to start on the big potty and if they aren't scared than you don't have to transition later) and we make a big deal about it and sing. We are still working on him telling us before he goes but we are taking baby steps!

Sami - posted on 10/06/2009




I take Brandon into the bathroom and tell him to sit on his potty every 2 hours and when I go. That way he knows why he is in there. Its working well!!

Pamela - posted on 10/06/2009




we have started pre training already which means we let him go nudey and put him on it when he looks like he needs to go sometimes we have lucky other times he holds it in our main objective is to get him used to it and he sit on it for ages and reads books and is happy there .. then like Mandy we will be putting him on every 20 minutes ( we already do this sometimes and he gets excited to hear the buzzer) we are making a sticker chart for him as he loves stickers and he loves counting things.. my friend did this with her son and he was trained in 2 weeks Im hoping we are as lucky I think if it was for better communication ( meaning my son tell me) we would have a bit more head way as he takes his nappy off to do wees or poos. but it can be so hard to keep an eye on him all the time with him running around and a 6 month old cruising around. We are also putting his brother on the potty to ( and just by chance once we had luck) just to show cameron his brother is doing it too and its normal and a happy time Also to get his brother used to the toilet so we might be able to train early depending on when he is ready..
Everytime he has an accident we say have you done poos ( or wees) you know where we have to do poos and wees don't we in the potty and we show him. you know the old golden rule is to never get mad. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE Im sure in this age group there will be alot start soon.

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