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Pamela - posted on 02/19/2010




I started pre training my son from about 13 months he did really well we would just have one in the bathroom next to the big toilet and 1 in the lounge so he got used to it. We put him on it every now and then and read stories and made it a normal thing. Then a week before he turned 2 we decided it was time ( as his dad had 2 weeks off work ) no more nappies he has been dry at night since as well as naps and we can go out for the whole day with no accidents. Wee's we have got pretty much no accidents inside if he can't make the toilet he will go outside in the garden I do try and steer him back towards the toilet .. we started that by putting him on it every 20 minutes after 4 days he got what we were trying to do so now when we put him on the toilet he will go or at least try to go .. poos is another matter for us =( I wish I had started sooner but we kept moving house and he had a sick brother so it was hard.
I think taking the nappies away completely makes sense. the child has no choice but of corse there may be lots to clean up we have been at it 6 weeks now and he has never had a nappy on even when he had a stomach upset he just sat on the toilet loads of accidents but he wasn't stress because I wasn't ( sometimes I do get stressed though but you just have to take a deap breath and try try try again ). if my son has an accident he will just ohh nooo and then I say never mind, where do we do wees ( or poos) in the toilet and he will normally say toilet and I say yes thats right! never any punishment .. because he has an 11 month old brother I have started putting him on the toilet too and he has had a few successes they are so close my boys so Cameron seeing Ewan on the toilet is great fun Cameron claps for him and gives him a sticker and Ewan just thinks its great.. at 18 months once the winter has gone again ( Australia) we will train Ewan hopefully Cameron will have mastered it by then and I hope Ewan can get most of it done by christmas as we are going to the uk for 5 weeks and Id love not to worry about nappy's but if not thats cool too.. GOOD LUCK !! you might be a lucky one and they might take to it really quick Ive heard some people kids are trained in 2 weeks while other have taken nearly a full year. my niece started about 9 months ago she is nearly 3 and only now is she taking herself.

Katrese - posted on 02/19/2010




At 18 months, I started putting my little girl on in the morning, once she woke up. Slowly she become comfortable and went without problem. The daycare sitter started working with her a few times a day and now we are down to one accident a day in her pull up. The weekends I let her run around the house in cloth panties. The big bonus is that I have not had to clean a poopie diaper in weeks and I can handle working on the last little bit of pee in the pull up.

Leeann - posted on 02/18/2010




I think I was lucky. When my now 11 yr old was about 18months she use to drive me crazy because she couldnt stand having a soiled or wet nappy on, which left me changing nappies every 30minutes I eventually got so frustrated that I simply left them off. Yes there were a few accidents, but we had a potty in the lounge and within about 2months she was using it. Then when Emma came we decided to try the same tactic. A little trickier because we now live in the UK rather than South Africa and with the climate being colder, houses tend to have carpets and not tiled floors leaving the clean up more difficult. Within about 6 weeks she was trained and now she no longer wears any nappies. The potty lives on the top of our stairs (Thats where she kept carrying it to) So if you don't mind bare bum cheeks running around your house, might be worth a try.

Alana - posted on 02/17/2010




I have tried, but my daughter cries when I put her on the pot. When I trained my son when he was 2 and a half, he is will be 4 in March, I put the potty in the tv room and he sat on it till he was comfortable with it. He had it for a month or so as a fixture in the room and i kept telling him what it was for so when he was ready it only took 2 days and was trained. I didn't force it till he wanted to do it. That is what I am doing with my daughter, when she is ready, she will do it. Less stress on her and less stress on me, with kids ,we don't need anymore stress.

Danni - posted on 02/17/2010




It depends how old your child is and what their sex is. Boys tend to start a little later than girls. Of course that is not true for all kids.

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