Potty training for twin boys


Melinda - posted on 11/21/2009




lol. I'm in the same boat.We have found out one thing so far though...use 2 potty chairs. We tried it with just one and had a lot of shoving. When one wanted to try sitting on the potty all of a sudden they both had to try it.We haev 2 potties now and things are a lot more peaceful. So far they are ok with the idea that that is where poo and pee go and that they are supposed to sit on the otties. Sometimes they even remember that they are supposed to take their pants down first. Mostly right now we're at the stage of having them sit about once an hour or if they look like they might have to go. Haven't gotten much in the actual potty yet though. It's still in the early stages though so I figure we have some time.I've been through potty training with one before and it's not that much different so far.

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