refuses to drink milk or have any kind of dairy

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my son as decided a while ago that he wont eat/drink any dairy, i dont know why, i believe it may have something to do with its texture, but he wont drink any kind of milk (not even strawberry or chocolate) he wont eat cheese, he wont touch yogurt and he even refuses ice cream! This has been going on for longer then 2-3 months now, so now we have started to give him poly-vi-sol (which is gross). i dont know how else to make sure he gets his calcium...any suggestions??


Sheila - posted on 01/07/2010




Mylanta Supreme!!! 400 Mg of Calcium and 150 Mg Magnesium are the ingredients - Cherry flavored taste great and my son loves it. 5 ML each morning. My Pediatrician recommended it when he was 6 mos for reflux - safe and gets them the calcium they need.

Deepti - posted on 12/19/2009




Dont get worked up. That's the first thing. My son (who will soon turn 2yrs) did the same. Not for 2-3 month but a couple of weeks. Just keep cool and remember that calcium can be found in many other sources. Try giving him pasta with brocolli n shredded cheese or a cheese sauce. Brocolli is a good source of calcium.

Honeslty, these lil guys (and gals) go thru a lot of phases. He will get over it. Just hang tight and keep the good work going!!


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Carrie - posted on 06/26/2017




Help my son is 9 in November and he refuses to eat anything with dairy or drink milk he will only eat yoghurt and a splash of milk if he has cereal and had dry toast/bread what can I i give him for tbe nutrition he lacks

Melissa - posted on 01/04/2010




My daughter is lactose intolerant and the dairy products really hurt her little belly but I found a lactose free milk, at first she wouldnt take that either because its slightly thicker than regular milk but once I started watering it down it worked great!

Krista - posted on 01/01/2010




try using the v8 explosion my son was the same way when i first took him off of formula so my mom recommended the v8 stuff and my son loved it. they get their fruits veggies. my son is going to be 2 this month , but that is what i did for him and he just started drinking milk just recently. he never did like any type of milk either.

Chrystal - posted on 12/17/2009




Orange juice w/calcium, but you should probably dilute it some so that he doesn't get too much sugar. My daughter doesn't like milk either, but she LOVES cheese and ice cream.

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