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Hi, my name is Elaney, I had my first baby Jan. 30, 2008. My baby isn't saying very many words yet. I was wondering if that is normal at this age or should she be talking more. She most just jabbers still.


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Deidra - posted on 06/19/2009




I had two back to back and my oldest now about 17months will say mama one day and not the next. I think he is still trying to be the baby but I don't know how to get him to snap out of it. It is like he moves forward and then tries to wine and cry like his baby sister.!

Maya - posted on 06/13/2009




My son isn't much of a talker. He can say mama, dada, daddy. He also has sounds for different words. He can point to just about anythin you ask him too though. I wouldn't really worry about her talking as long as she responds to you (you call her name and she turns to see) and that she can point to things and that she can get across what she wants.

If she doesn't respond to you calling it could mean she may need tubes in her ears.

As long as she's hiting her milestones and making noises, then things should be find.

But you can bring it up at her 18 months checkup.

Olivia - posted on 06/12/2009




My son has only a handful of words he says and tries to say. mama, dada, kitty, my baby, ice, more, ma! (for grandma), ih-hy (for piggy bank). I'm not worried at all. He is exposed enough to language, especially with the learning shows on tv, which we try to limit. He is our first child and I think if he were around other children more, he would've walked and talked more by this point.

April - posted on 06/08/2009




My little guy isn't saying much either. He can point to anything you ask him (e.g. tv, light, kitchen, kitty, etc. wide extreme number of things) but he just jabbers on. He says mom, dad, and tries to say achoo when you sneeze, but the remainder of the words he used to say (nana, no) he just jabbers about. Everything with him has been and on/off lightswitch. We see no progress until all of sudden one day he just does it. I am sure it will be soon. (He was also a late crawler and walker).

Mandy - posted on 06/08/2009




I have a little one who isn't talking much. She was born on New Year's Day 2008 so about a month ahead of yours. We have just started asking her if she knows some words and she will say them but only when we ask. The doctor was a little concerned and gave me a hand out at her 15 month appointment. Basically, the hand out said that they should say 5 words by the time they are 18 months old which is about where we're at. What makes it hard is that her older sister was talking sentences at 15 months old so I have 2 on opposite ends of the spectrum and they are 18 months apart. I'm just thankful that it will take her longer to start talking back or being sassy to mom and dad.

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my son is a slow talker, he only says uh oh, dog, no, dad, and mamma, iv read previous conversations where people were saying that if their child wasnt talking by sixteen months they were going to take them to a speech therapist! which i feel is rather extreme!! im really not worried about my son not talking yet, i remember my younger sisters being nearly 2 before they could form a sentance...besides everyone is telling me i should enjoy it while i can, cause as soon as they start talking they wont

Kara - posted on 05/27/2009




Jack knows: mama, daddy, go, kitty, more, jayhawk, hot, cold. He understands so much more which is what I believe they look for at this age. I think he's a bit behind, but I've been told this is typical.

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