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Danielle - posted on 05/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




my 2yr old is very headstrong now and thinks its her way or no way and im tryin to get her out of that stage cause im trying to prepare her for school any suggestions


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Lea - posted on 06/14/2010




um, yeah - shes 2... you have 3 more years before school. you might actually be making it worse by arguing with her. realize its perfectly normal for this age and it will pass and dont get into power struggles with her

Mandy - posted on 06/03/2010




Make sure you don't give her all of the decisions in the house. Make sure she has appropriate freedoms. When she is happy about what you choose for her then she can have the freedom to make more decisions. This goes for clothes, eating, etc. You can give her some choices but make sure you agree with both decisions. For example, give her an option of "we can leave now or in 5 minutes..." I dealt more with these issues with my oldest not as much with the younger siblings. The younger siblings seem to be more flexible and more willing to go with the flow.

Jamie - posted on 05/24/2010




LOL I think thats all yr olds! Mine is the same way but she picked up Shut up from another lil girl so now I tell her no or to do something she tells me to shut up!! All I know n its hard to remember sometimes,(Expecially with a demented tot) Is to Keep your patience, Time-out,Time-out,Time-out, Be constant in the rules n punishments. Its the only thing we can really do, Teach them the best we can n hope some of it sinks in!!

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