Two questions. Halloween costume? and does your toddler still nap?

Nichole - posted on 09/18/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




Okay so I have two questions. They are totally different topics, but instead of posting twice i figured I would do it all together.

Has anyone figured out what their toddler is going to be for Halloween? (if you celebrate) Are you going to go traditional like vampires, ghosts etc. or cute, bee, butterfly, panda etc.? Rylynn is going to be a Ladybug...

Also, do your toddlers still nap, and if so, for how long. Rylynn is still taking an afternoon nap. It usually last for 2 hours. sometime a little more sometime a little less....


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Jessica - posted on 09/30/2009




I am having trouble figuring out what to dress Ethan this year! I think since he LOVES bananas and we always call him monkey we will go w/a monkey costume! TOM ARMA has REALLY REALLY cute costumes. My son used to take a 2 hour nap from 1pm to 3 pm give or take 30 min. but we just got back from virginia beach on vacation and now he only naps like 45 min. They usually stop napping around 2 1/2 but that depends on your child :)

Jesse - posted on 09/30/2009




my daughter is 21mths old and still naps she goes down at 12pm and wakes between 1.30-2pm sometimes longer, she still goes down good sometimes at night between 7.30pm - 8pm as long as ur child sleeps at night and u feel that they are still needing that afternoon sleep then thats all that matters

Pamela - posted on 09/30/2009




last year when cAmeron was 8 months old he went as a cute little spider ohhh heheeh I say went he just walked around the house in his spider suit heheh but I took loads of photos .... Cameron has just gone to 1 nap a day from 2 ( use dot be 9:30 - 11:30 then 2:30 - 3:30 nots its 12 - 2:30

Ashley - posted on 09/25/2009




Keylan is going to be a Cow Boy... But he sleeps anywhere from 30 minutes - an hour, just depends on how quiet the house is....

Jessie - posted on 09/24/2009




Journey is going to be a lion and she usually naps from 30mins to 2 hours. depends on the night. sometimes she doesnt nap at all.

Susan - posted on 09/24/2009




I think my son is going as a lion. He is really into saying 'rarrrrrrr'

He goes to daycare, so he will nap from anywhere from an hour or two.

Deborah - posted on 09/24/2009




My son will be a Soldier for Halloween. My son who is 20 months still takes one nap a day for about 2 hours.

[deleted account]

My daughter went as a bumblebee last year when she was 10 months, Because I used to call her Mrs bumble-bean. But I'm not sure what she should go as this year, and this year actually counts because we're actually going to GO trick or treating. Any suggestions?

Also, my daughters now a year and a half and she doesn't nap at all during the day. Sure there's the odd day if she didn't get a good nights sleep for whatever reason, she'll nap for an hour or two, but usually she doesnt at all anymore, and hasn't for a few months. But she also goes to bed at 7pm sharp.

Ashley - posted on 09/22/2009




Jayden is going to be a pirated for Halloween, I looked at hundreds of different costumes, and for her this was the cutest.

Naps-- She goes to daycare and only gets a partial nap but on the weekends and days that I just take off to hang out with her, she gets 2 two hours naps, and she's in such a better mood the rest of the day because of it.

Tasha - posted on 09/21/2009




My son does! He is 21 months. He naps after lunch about 1pm. for about 1 to 2 hours it varies. He naps at daycare. Also he is gonna go as a little devil. Since it will be cold here where i live his costume is warm! Long sleeves, hooded and pants. all in one! Just have to have him wear socks and boots..... i hope this

Heather - posted on 09/21/2009




Dahlia is going to be a Carebear. And she naps every day anywhere from 30 min to 2 hrs. If she didn't sleep well she might take 2 naps.

Aviva - posted on 09/19/2009




I think Piper is going to be yoda only because her older brother is obsessed with star wars and she now is too!! and she does nap but usually for an hour or so, no marathon napper here, but she does sleep for 12 hours at night!!

Tina - posted on 09/19/2009




Hayleigh is going to be a duck and yes she still takes a nap it usually last about two hours.

Carrie - posted on 09/18/2009




Luis is going to be Handy Manny.

He naps for 2 to 3 hours everyday. He still goes to bed between 7:30 and 8pm everynight and wakes up at 7am.

Kara - posted on 09/18/2009




Jack is going to be R2D2.

He also naps for about 90 minutes to 2 hours everyday.

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