what would you say is the worst thing your child has done?


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Michelle - posted on 07/11/2009




Painted the door in his poop - worse cause we'd just bought it (renovating) & had only put the first layer of undercoat on.

These are funny

Joanna - posted on 07/10/2009




my daughter when she was little somehow got hold of the little pot of paint that we were given when we bought our car to touch up scratches and paint her toy cars some woodwork in her bedroom, her knees and elbows and had just painted her eyebrow when i found her!!!!! the eyebrow wiped clean as the paint was still wet but i ended up having to use nailpolish remover to get it off her knees and elbows!!! at one point i thought i might have to take her to hospital to get if off but thankfully it did not get to that stage!!!! as she is now 15 it seems like a lifetime ago and i am waiting to see what her little brother is going to do as he grows up he is only 18 months now lol

Sallyanne - posted on 07/08/2009




my littleone brought me a piece ov poo last week lol, it was really hard and i thought she'd given me a stone coz she'd been playing outside lol, oh and if the bathroom doors left open, she likes to play with the toilet water yukkk lol, im sure theres loads more just cant think of any right now x

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