14 month old suddenly hating crib.

Jennifer - posted on 03/15/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter has always been a great sleeper _ I put her down at night, hand her bear over and leave the room. She would play for a minute or two and fall asleep. For the past 2 weeks we have been having quite a different experience. The first week I would put her to bed, she would fall asleep, but wake up 20 minutes later screaming. I would run to her room, pick her out of the crib and she would vomit several times. I'd clean her up. rock her to sleep (didn't take long after that) and she slept the rest of the night fine. She is fine during the day. She has had reflux issues on and off so I assumed this was reflux related. Now she doesn't want to get into her crib. We have the regular nighttime routine, I go to put her in the crib as usual and as soon as she gets near the mattress she screams like crazy. I then hold her until she is asleep and gently put her in the crib. Usually around 3 hours later she wakes up screaming and trembling. If i don't get to her quickly she gets herself so worked up that she will vomit. (I think she has a sensitive gag reflex from the reflux.) I try to soothe her to sleep and get her back in the crib but even when it seems she is fast asleep ,as soon as I lay her back in the crib she begins screaming again. After a few rounds of this I've resorted to keeping blankets on the floor and sleeping with her on the floor of her room which she does peacefully. I'm not sure if this started as a reflux problem and now she associates her crib with getting sick and is afraid to be in there or if there is something more to this. She is obviously going through something and I want to be there for her. The option to let her cry it out is not there anyway since she will throw up from crying now... but i need to get some sleep at night because I work full time. At first naps were ok, but now they are becoming an issue too. This is so night and day from the way things were only 3 weeks ago. Has anyone else been through something like this? Any suggestions on how to handle this? I was thinking of putting her matress on the floor with something around to help keep her on it and a gate at her bedroom door to see if maybe just getting her out of hte crib will help... I'm totally clueless on this one.. any ideas?


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Anne-Marie - posted on 03/27/2010




maybe she thinks that if she is going into her cot that it is going to maje her sick and she doesnt want to get sick, maybe you could go out and buy her a bed, you can get rails to put on the side so she doesnt fall off and she may like it a lot more then the crib.

Tabitha - posted on 03/15/2010




Actually my son went through something similar not the vomiting and poor baby and mommy but he would scream in terror if i took him in his room headed toward his bed i didnt know what to do i have other children and never went through this and he was to little or so i thought for a toddler bed but i was willing to try anything at this point! I took him in there during the day talked to him and played while i converted his crib to a toddler and when i got done i sat him on it and laughed and played and told him thats his night night place low and behold something so simple worked! He has never fallen out and sleeps wonderfully there are times when he is really tired he goes in there on his own and gets in bed and falls asleep. They grow up fast sometimes to fast and get to smart for their own good and mom's lol.hope if u try it it helps

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