8 month old wakes up 3 times a night!

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My 8 month old daughter still wakes up 3 times a night. Usually she goes to sleep around 8:00 and she takes a bottle to go to sleep. Then she will wake up 2 to 3 more times for a 6 oz bottle. She usually wakes for the day at 6:00. I've tried putting cereal in her bottles but she still wakes up to eat. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!!


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I feel your pain. My son still wakes up as well. If you figure out this issue let me know. I miss my sleep terribly!

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I have an 8mth old and she still wakes a couple of times a night, but literally just needs to be re-settled and she goes back to sleep. What's worked for us is putting her down at 7pm religiously after giving her as much of a bottle as she'll take... she sleeps till 7am. as per the previous mum - I literally walk into her room when she wakes, put her dummy back in and walk out - took a while for her to learn to settle herself but was worth the perseverance!!! I used to think her waking was because she was hungry and then feed her, but it's just her naturally waking and needing to be re-settled.... good luck, sounds like you are doing a great job on not a lot of sleep!!!!

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My daughter is 8 months old and does the same thing! She'll wake up 3 times a night, and take a bottle. She doesn't even drink it, but she won't take a pacificer. But within the last few nights, she's been going to bed at 8pm and not waking up until 5am. I hope that this keeps up! I don't really have any advice, I just couldn't believe the similarities in all the stories! Keep your chin up:)

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Hi my daughter is 7 months now,, she used to do the same thing up until 2 weeks ago, wake up 2-3 times a night to eat, although I am breastfeding. I got some advice from another mother to feed my baby food before her bedtime, and also to turn on a fan, pointed away from her, for the noise. Or someother kind of noise source, so that other noises don't wake them. This has really worked miracles for me. She only woke up once the first night i tried this.

Good luck! & let me know how things go:)


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It's rare that my son comes up at night, if so it's mostly through teething problems and some teething gel on his gum helps a lot. He started to sleep through the night when he was in his 4th month (yes I am lucky). The night feeds we did before turned out to be held in the dark, no sound at all, no playing with him or giving him a sign that this is the time to be awake. Soon after he slept through the nights without coming up. We did feed in the beginning at 11pm, then off to bed, he got up at 6am again to get his first meal (a bottle) Since he gets 3 "normal" meals now we have one for 2nd breakfast, one for lunch and the last one before bed. His morning drink and afternoon drink is still milk though. My son always hated pacifiers so soothing him that way was impossible. We just pat his back now softly when he wakes up at night and cries and in no time he is back to sleep. babies have to learn the difference between night and day and you tell them by showing. At night we didn't change his diaper anymore (that just wakes them up - a tip I got from my nurse), he got his bottle and went straight back to bed afterwards, that's how my son learned it... The times for his last meal were set earlier and earlier slowly... now he goes off to bed at 8:30pm and he gets back on the track between 6 and 7am

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my son is 8mo and i couldnt tell you the amount of times he wakes during the night to feed. i just have to keep telling myself that it wont last forever and they are only babies once, so enjoy it.
my first son (now 6yo and sleeps beautifully) was formula fed and he was 12 mo before he wasnt having at least one bottle during the night.

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My daughter is 8 mo. and still gets up during the night. I'm nursing and it usually works to nurse her for 5 min. and she'll fall back to sleep. Her longest stretch of sleep is 5-6 hours. We've had some bad nights where she's up longer and won't let us lay her down after rocking her. Is it possible that your baby is teething and uncomfortable? We sometimes give Tylenol or Motrin before bed for the teething pain. If she just ate and doesn't seem to be in pain, we'll try to lay her down, pat her and shush and then leave the room. Wait 5 min. go back in and do the same thing until she falls back asleep. It seems to be working for us lately. Good luck.

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From what I have been told by my pedi, is that after 4 months, a babe does not need to eat during the night as long as they are getting the recommended oz during the day. And that after a certain age they wake up out of habit. I would try and start slowly eliminating the night feedings. Don't just not feed her during the night, but maybe take one of the three feedings and try to eliminate that, then the next.
Does she take a paci? Have you tried just popping the paci in or soothing with a shhhhhh, and walking back out?
It may take some work and some patience, but basically after awhile they learn they are not going to get "mommy time" at night, and they learn to go back to sleep.

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