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Martha - posted on 04/21/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




We want to make sure this community has what it needs to thrive, starting with a dedicated community Admin. Is there anyone out there interested in taking the reins from me?

Being a Community Admin is not unlike being a Mom. Your job is basically to nurture great exchanges. Admins help to build a community by encouraging others to join. They define a community's conversational agenda, start discussions, set the tone, and keep other contributors energized. There are many ways to do this and we know you'll find a way that works for you, just as you're finding your own way through this parenting thing. But we do have a few suggestions (doesn't everyone?).

It's good to post on a regular basis yourself, sharing stories and questions from your own experiences. This will motivate others to become active. To keep the ball rolling, Admins should try to recognize the efforts of others with praise and words of acknowledgement. And just as corrections are needed when you have a wayward kid on your hands, the role also involves offering gentle prods to members who veer wildly off topic or post inappropriately.

There's a growing set of tools to help you succeed, including the ability to invite new members and to personally welcome them when they arrive. You can send messages to all your members at once, delete offensive posts, and disallow members who ignore warnings. You'll also be invited to join the Leaders Community, where you can swap ideas and give us feedback on ways to improve both Circle of Moms and the communities within it.

We'd be delighted to see this community thrive and hope you want to jump into the ring with us! Let us know if you're interested in taking on the Admin role by messaging Lisa, the Circle of Moms Community Manager, at lisa@circleofmoms.com.


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