An ipad for a 12 year old?

Avia - posted on 01/12/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Recently I have been thinking about buying my twelve year old daughter an iPad. Yes I know, it sounds like a bad idea. However she is a responsible straight A student that takes good care of all her things.

My sister bought her ten year old son an iPad for christmas and says that it has been a great help for his schoolwork. I personally don't see how an elementary school student has so much homework but my daughter does have an increasing work load. She needs a computer but we do not have the space for another desktop and she would prefer the iPad.

What is your opinion?


Ariana - posted on 01/12/2013




No, I wouldn't buy her an iPad.

She's 12, she doesn't need her own computer, she should use the one you have now. It's to expensive an item for a child to use.

Plus it has access to the internet which opens up the possibilities to getting into all sorts of trouble. Even if she's great right this moment she's 12, she doesn't have self-control. Plus she's still going to have it when she's 13/14/15 etc. and be able to use it all she wants. My cousin turned 14 and became a nightmare and spent all her time either on the internet or hanging out with her friends or texting, even though she was wonderful when she was 12.

That's just my perspective. She doesn't have so much homework that she needs an iPad.


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Lisa - posted on 02/06/2013




My mother got my son a no name tablet for Christmas last year...I was very very hesitant at first because what does a 4 year old need with a tablet or any electronic for that matter! He's always been a bright kid, but since he has been using the tablet with the games and learning tools that I have downloaded for him, he has learned soooooo much more than I could have imagined in only a month. I do put time stipulations on it and also have a kids mode so he can't get into anything else but his downloaded apps.

I say it depends on how YOU feel about it. Because you can get your daughter one and tell her she can only use it during homework time and what not. And gauge it all from there. This day and age is so technologically driven that I feel if I do not allow my children to experience some of it, they will be out of the loop when it comes to certain things. Just make sure that your children stay face to face interactions.

Kerre - posted on 01/20/2013




Technology is big with my kids school district. My oldest is in pre school and he uses it for speech therapy. Next year all kids including kindergarten uses an iPad. He already knows how to navigate through it. It just depends on the parents and the rules they set up. Some kids are probably more mature to have one before others.

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