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Hey all! Our son was born January 20th, making him three months this week. I have a few questions about his feeding times and am hopeful someone can help us out. He is soley formula fed and currently eats 6 ounces every four hours. Of course we warm the formula and he generally gets burped half way through, and again at the end. My questions are;

At what point do we stop warming the bottles?

At what age does he not need to be burped?

When should we start with baby cereal?

Does the baby cereal and food need to be warmed?

Thanks for any help at all ladies!


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Dana - posted on 05/13/2009




At my last ped visit I asked about adding rice cereal and she said that if my son was doing well on formula/breast milk and sleeping that I should probably continue milk only diet. It is speculated that adding foods before 6 months is contributing to the rise in allergies. BUT, if he wasn't gaining weight and wasn't sleeping, then it was probably time to start adding rice cereal.

My son is 4 months - 2 weeks and we still warm his bottle to room temp and burp him about every 4 oz (sometime less, sometimes more). I basically take his cues when he needs to be burped...he starts playing with the nipple and moving his head around a lot.

Amy - posted on 05/12/2009




Hey Amberly! Both of my kids like their milk warmed. My daughter is over two now and still likes warm milk before bed. I think u can stop warming it when he's ready. I think i stopped burping my first daughter when she was mostly on solids. it didnt' seem necessary. From what i'm seeing on circle of moms, i'm a bit of an odd ball b/c my kids started cereal at a little over three months old. i used warm formula mixed with the cereal and when we started fruits, i warmed them too. neither of my girls drank or ate anything cold, even in the summer. they just seemed to be soothed by warm milk/formula and warm cereal. i'd ask ur doctor when a good time to start cereal is. (i never realized that i was so different. everyone i know started their kids at three to four months on cereal---yikes!)

Rae - posted on 05/12/2009




My doctor told me that at 4 months, I can go ahead and start to try feeding her solids or rice cereal. I did hear that when you start your child on solids, to start with mixing formula with a lil rice cereal, mix them together and serve it with a spoon. If your child prefers room temp or room temp formula, then most likely you can serve it that way. Some babies take a while to start solids so even at the first try he/she isn't interested, just try everyday at least once and see how it goes.

This is just what I am told, all babies are different. My doctor always tells me though that mom knows best, only you know what would be right for your baby.

Hope this helps.

Heather - posted on 05/12/2009




i breast feed, but work several hours during the day. so occasionally my husband will give our son some formula if he runs out of breast milk. we actually just started our son on cereal. he was a couple weeks shy of 4 months, but was getting hungry every two hours day and night. (he had been sleeping about six hours at a time before that) he was also watching us eat all the time. we're not giving him a ton of cereal, but what we do give him seems to be doing the trick. i generally heat up some breast milk for the cereal, and feed him from a spoon.

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We tried giving him some rice cereal about two days ago, mixed very thin. He gobbled it all up, but was VERY constipated yesterday and today. So we are laying off the cereal for a few more weeks anyways.

Sarah - posted on 05/12/2009




not sure about the other questions. but i spoke to my health visitor today about weaning .. most moan if you start before government guidelines of 6 months but she's dead nice .. she said he's your baby you know him better than most .. but not before 4 months i'd try leaving it till about 20 weeks (he's 15 2mora) and if you do wean early he can't have some things and take it slowly

Diane - posted on 04/20/2009




talk to a dr about the cereal. My daughter was hospitalized for not gaining enough wait so they told me to start her on cereal with either breastmilk or formula. She is going to be 4 months and she is starting to eat baby food with a few ounces of formula. But talk to a dr first and see what they say to do and what they think is the best for your child

Rahel - posted on 04/19/2009




as your son becomes more active he will get rid of his own wind my 11 week old son has got much better at this over the last couple of weeks. You can tell if they need help with there wind if they are niggley after a feed. The current NICE recomendations for weaning is 6months this is to do with food allergies and obesity however babies used to be weaned as early a s 6 weeks my son is a hungry baby and will no way last until he is 6 months old i am going to follow his lead and give baby rice when the hungry baby formula stops satisfying him. Discuss it with your heath visitor but be warned they frown upon mums who say they will wean early and i shall be one of them. You can serve the food hot or cold many babys prefer it warmed like there milk however all babies are different. Good luck and follow your instincts mum always knows best.

Lisa - posted on 04/19/2009




I never warmed the bottles, so I can't help you there.

Burping depends on the child like previous post said.

My doctor told me 4 months to start the rice cereal. We already put it in thier bottles at night. One tsp per ounce of formula. I never warmed up the cereal for my oldest.

[deleted account]

I breastfeed so I have no advice on warming bottles. Most dr's and professionals recommend starting them on rice cereal at 6 months. However, if you feel your child is ready before, you don't have to wait. I started my daughter (who is now 2.5) on rice cereal at 4 months because she started waking up every 2 hours at night. But, she also had good head control and could sit up on her own by that age. Signs you should watch for are: being able to sit up and have good control of their head, showing interest in your food, losing the tongue thrust reflex (or else they'll just keep spitting the food back out), waking up more often at night (they do go through a growth spurt at 4 months and may wake up more often for a few nights to feed more so be watch for this.)

Of course, you are the mother and you know what's best. If you are concerned, talk to your child's doctor.

As far as heating the cereal, you usually warm the milk to add to the cereal :) But, like Chrissy says, the instructions are on the box so follow what they say :) 

Brydget - posted on 04/12/2009




Most people will say 6mos for food, but I recently saw a ped. dr on tv say that your baby may be ready much younger and to look for the following:
weighs more than 5.9kg (about 13 pounds)
shows interest when you eat
starts waking more during the night
gets grumpy faster when playing

He said that if your baby is showing those signs then offer food and see if they are interested.

[deleted account]

Our midwife told us around 6 months as well to start with baby food and cereal, however other people I talk to tell us whenever he is ready. He seems to really stare at our food, and try to grab at it. I cant help but think he is getting interested and getting ready to start testing them out. I know he is too young now, but wondered about starting him earlier..maybe at four months?!? Its hard not knowing what to do!

Chrissy - posted on 04/11/2009




I can't help with the warm part becuase my kids like the room temp. You can start baby cereal about 6mo and I can't remember if you need to heat it up but I am sure it says on the box.

As for the burping every baby is different. With my first I can't remember but he started burping on his own. You will be able to figure out the habits soon. My daughter is drinking about the same amount as your son. I heard that's normal. There just growing.

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