Back and Pelvic Pain

Alexandria - posted on 03/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




While I was pregnant my back started to hurt and I assumed once I had my baby it would not be as bad. My back is still killing me still to the point that I cannot move. I also have really bad pelvic pain. It hurts to take large strides when walking and lifting my legs up to put pants on. My doctor said its normal but I dont think it is. I fractured my pelvic a year and half ago and Im afraid I might have refractured it maybe while having the baby. Is anybody else having any of these issues and what do you think I can do to help? I would love for my pelvic pain to go away so I can start exercising again!


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Jamie - posted on 03/21/2009




My back is killing me too. It didn't  start hurting until my daughter was about four weeks old. It started out just at the place where they did my epidural and it got worse form that point on. It hurts so bad some days that i have a hard time holding my baby. My doctor says its normal she says 18/20 women who get epidurals have this kind of back pain, but i didn't get this pain with my first daughter. That makes me wonder if they did something wrong cause I dilivered my first at a different hospital. I don't know, the only thing that i found that helps is heat. I made a rice bag( a towel with rice soed in it) I just put it the microwave and sit with it on my back. It helps. My pelvis doesn't hurt but my hips do, but i think that this is from having the baby she was bigger than my first.

Kara - posted on 03/19/2009




The most likly causeing of theis pain is the hormones that soften your bones to help the baby pass through your pelvis.. it not only softens your pelvis but also all the other bones in your body.. i still have pelvic pain which i also had during my pregnancy but it is not as bad as it was. i couldnt turn over on to my side when i was preg but i can now the only thing that still hurts is when i take big steps or i turn the wrong way on my legs. i dont have back pain any more but i didnt have it that bad during pregnancy either... i would say if it hasnt gone by the time your baby is twelve weeks then go back to the docters and ask for a xray on your pelvis. good luck x Kara

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