Blue Dot baby???

Melody - posted on 11/16/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I was talking to this woman today and she noticed my son's vein on his forehead between his eyes kind of stood out and she said that babies that had it were called blue dot babies and it meant they were supposed to be smart......ok it sounds like baloney to me! Has anyone else ever heard about that??


Marcia - posted on 11/17/2009




Hi there

Never heard of that before but our son is smart for his age. And concidering how people always say boys are slower than girls, we think he's really coming along well.

He could sit up on his own on the bed or floor since he was 4 months. He said mommy, mama, or mom, hi, hiya at 4 months, he could understand the sign lanuage for 'milk' at 4 months and could sign for it at 6 months when he was hungry. He's a perfectly hearing baby, but we know it helps a babies learning. He's nearly 10 months, and saying some sentances, he's said 'Hi dada' at 7 and half months and tonight said 'baba down' before sliding down my leg and crawling off. If you ask him something he'll answer yes or shake his head no, and most of the time it's the right way round, and we've tried to trick him and most the time he'll just laugh and frown like we've gone mad. When I ask him what meal he wants he'll look at both jars and tap the Organic one he wants. Last night I swapped the jars around in my hands, to see if he's just doing it cause it's the one nearest to him, and he chose the original one now in the other hand.

At five months, he would call me when he had a wet nappy and pat it, and tug on his trouser leg or try to pull it down and call me when he's done a poo.

He can now say, dinner, hot, (tonight he said) 'hat' for the first time. He says, dog, good, baby, baba, nanny, wet, daddy, hurt,ouch, kiss, uh-oh (he's said for a few months now and did that when he dropped his toy), he's nearly saying brush properly. He says Brrr and he thinks the ending is 'uch' so says brrr (pauses) then 'uch' and reaches for the brush, Aaron can say, car, wow, nice, bye byebye and every day it seems like he's saying and understanding so much more. He's stood on his own for a little while and each time he's bearing his weight longer and longer, and walks around people and furnature.

His vein is quite prominent and hubby originally thought it was a bruise from birth, but doesn't look so bad now, but it's there none the less. But it's probably just because talked to him, read and sang to him every day since he was 23weeks gestation when the ears are forming and babies can hear. Plus I played him 'Motart for Babies' through head phones on my tummy throughout the pregnancy. They say that makes intellegent babies so it probably did the trick.

I've started documenting it on his profile page when he's saying things now, he's saying so much.

Good luck :-)


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Michele - posted on 01/03/2010




I've never heard of that superstition, no. my little girl has a little blue vein on her head, and she is in fact very smart. I don't believe that vein has anything to do with it tho. I'm sure that ur little man is very smart as well!

Stephanie - posted on 01/03/2010




Never heard about it, but it sounds kinda cool My 3 yo has that and some days it shows up more than others. I sometimes think she has a bruise. And she is very intelligent! I am not just saying that because she is my daughter either

Jane - posted on 11/17/2009




you hear so many things when you become a mom. i had never known there were such a things as "good ears". until my kids were born. the old ladies at the cape say both of our kids have "good ears".

Virginie - posted on 11/16/2009




I've never heard that expression before and after a short search on google, nothing came up...but then again, one learns everyday!

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