feeding schedule for 8 month old

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Just wondering what your feeding schedules are for your eight month olds?
Any suggestions on how I can get her to drink more? Right now my daughter is only drinking 8 ounces of formula A DAY!! Im worried that she isn't getting enough liquids.
I want to start increasing her food intake as well, so im just wondering what some of your feeding schedules were like. any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!


Jennifer - posted on 04/15/2012




My son just turned 8 months old and his top teeth still have not come through. So haven't really given him any finger foods just the wheat puffs. I was wondering what I should be giving him that he won't choke on. Also, I wanted to put his feeding schedule down for any additional suggestions that might be helpfull. His feeding schedule goes as follows:
6:30-7:30- 6 oz. bottle
8:30- 3 tblespoons of cereal and 1/2 jar of fruits
9:30- nap
11:00- 6oz. bottle
12:30- 1 jar to a jar and a half of veggies
2:00- 6 oz. bottle
3:30- nap time
5:00- a jar of chicken
6:30- 6 oz. bottle
8:30- bedtime

Melissa - posted on 09/17/2009




I noticed a lot of people put they give their babies a weetabix. What is that?

Chinju - posted on 01/22/2015




my 8 month is having liquid type and little more smashed foods. may i know about giving solid foods like some mentioned above sandwiches, etc. Can babies manage having solid foods?

Holly - posted on 09/22/2009




My baby is up around 7:30. She has

8:00 ish - 6 oz bottle

9:00 ish 1/2 stage 2 jar of fruit mixrd with 4 TBS oatmeal

12:00 6 oz bottle

1230 - 1 stage 2 jar veggies / puffs/ a few pieces fresh fruit

4:00 6 oz bottle

6:30 1 jar stage 2 veggies or veggies and meat and 1/2 jar of stage 2 fruit

7:30-8:00 6 oz bottle then bed.

She is a big girl but always seems hungry!! If she doesn't want any of it I stop feeding her.

Mandy - posted on 09/14/2009




my 8mo gets up at 6:30, has a piece of toast for breakfast.....breastfeed at 9:30am for sleep......wakes at 11am for a piece of fruit and half a sandwich for lunch........breast feed at 12:30pm for sleep.........breastfeed at 3:30pm............vegetables and meat at 5:30pm for dinner with the family.......breastfeed at 6pm for bed......he feeds preobably 3-4times during the night

lol....looks like alot now that i have written it out....he is a hungry boy :o)


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Josee - posted on 11/28/2014




Here is our schedule - I make all his own food so we its either thick purée or mashed, with some small pieces he can practice to self feed

(Approx times)

6 AM 7-8oz formula
9am 2tbsp oatmeal with 2tbsp fruit and 1tbsp yogurt and 5oz formula in a sippy
12pm 2tbsp fruit and 2tbsp veg and 5oz formula in a sippy
3pm fruit in a mesh feeder, teething biscuit or rice puffs + 5oz formula sippy
5pm 2tbsp veg or meat and 2tbsp rice/barley
6:45pm 7-8oz formula

He's 7.5 months now so looking to introduce some cheese and more finger foods as he gets better picking them up :) He's in the 75th percentile for weight - he loves his food!

Kezia - posted on 09/08/2012




Is she also eating veggies, fruit and cereal The Gerber schedule says that at 8mo the babies should be drinking 24oz a day Check gerber.com/crawlermenus

Michelle - posted on 09/22/2009




my little man wakes up around 7am and then has a full weetabix

1-2 hours later he will have a 5oz bottle then may sleep

at 12pm i give him a variety of solid foods such as potato, spaghetti, chicken, mince, etc and then a fruit pot

at 2pm he has a 5oz bottle

at 4pm he will have another solid food meal followed by a fromage frais

then between 6-7pm he will have a 7oz bottle then bed!

he will drink water during his solid feeds.

hope it helps!

Lisa - posted on 09/17/2009




My baby boy is eating
Breakfast: 2 oz of formula mixed with rice cereal and 5 oz of formula from a bottle
Lunch: 1/3 of a jar of 2nd food, half a jar of 1st food (usually a vegetable) and 4 oz of formula from a bottle
Early Dinner: 2 oz of formula mixed with rice cereal, 1/2 a jar of 1st foods (usually a fruit), and 4 oz of formula from a bottle
Dinner: 7 oz of formula

Sometimes he wakes up during the night or wakes up extra early for for a 7 oz bottle
& sometimes he has a little snack during the day of apple juice from a sippy cup and puffs or baby Cheetos

8 oz of formula a day is definitely not enough! Babies are suppose to be getting 24-30 oz a day. You should talk to your pediatrician about it. I would suggest offering her a 4oz bottle before giving her any solid foods. Hope this helps!

[deleted account]

Thanks everyone for all the helpful hints... she still is not drinking much but I am giving her the rest of her formula in a sippy cup. i asked my public health nurse and he said that she is getting her nutrients from her meals. i am still trying to give her milk before meals but she just doesn't want the bottle at all!!

Laurie - posted on 09/14/2009




Hi Lisa,

One suggestion is to offer your daughter a bottle before you feed her solids if you don't already. This way she is hungry and might drink more.

I wonder if you should wait to increase her solids until she is drinking more formula. I've read that formula should be their main source of nutrients until 12 months. Is she showing that she is hungry? If she doesn't take the bottle but will then eat solids, perhaps it is a bottle issue and you could try starting her on a sippy cup.

Eva's suggestion regarding giving cereal mixed with formula also seems like a good idea to increase fluids.

Has this been going on for a while? If so, I would make an appointment to talk to a doctor. They may have other ideas and may want to start a supplement to be sure your daughter is getting all the nutrients necessary.

I hope there is something here that will help. Good luck!

Vanessa - posted on 09/13/2009




my little boy, has an 8ounce bottle between 5-7 in the morning, then his breakfast around 9am which is usually heinz powered cereal or a weetabix with warm water and a bit of cows milk, then he has a jar of baby food followed by a pudding around 1.30pm, then he has the same for tea around half 5, then an 8 ounce bottle between 8-9 pm. he also has around 300ml of juice during the day. he sometimes has an 8 ounce bottle bottle during the night aswell. he also has finger foods during the day which are usually pieces of fruit, veg, rusks, organic crisps suitable for his age, breadsticks.

Heidi-Anne - posted on 09/13/2009




My son has

6 oz bottle between 7-8am

rice cereal and fruit 9am

6 oz bottle 11:30am

6 oz bottle 2pm

meat and vegetable 4pm

6 oz bottle 6pm

6 oz bottle 8pm then bed

so 5 bottles 30oz daily and 2 meals

Amy - posted on 09/12/2009




my daughter is 8 months old and this is what she has daily

between 5-7am 6oz bottle

9am one weetabix or porrage and slice of toast or crumpet

12-1pm califlower cheese or similar followed by apple/pear about 2 large tables sppons of each

5pm fish pie, cooked dinner or similar and then either fruit or yogart for pudding

7pm 7oz bottle for bed

obv her food is mashed now, and she also has finger foods (ie the toast) inc veg etc at lunch

she also drinks about 300ml of water from her beacker during the day

Melissa - posted on 09/11/2009




hi leesa my daughter will be 8 months old this month she is having 3 bottles a day 1 in the morning and then she will have half a weetbix about a hour later and then a sleep. When she wakes up she will have a drink of juice and depending she will have a custard of i will make her mash bananna she want have her next bottle untill around 2 when she is due for another sleep and then she wakes up and has more water and then around 5 she has her dinner which is useally what we eat and then by 7 it is time for the last bottle and she is of to bed.

Eva - posted on 09/09/2009




My DD is refusing to drink her formula as well, at least from the bottle. The only full 6-7oz bottle she will take is at bedtime. I started giving her formula in her sippy and she will at least drink a bit more. Here is her schedule:

6:30/7:00-offer her a 4oz bottle when she wakes. Normally refuses or drinks about 2oz.
8:00-3oz of formula mixed w/cereal and 1/2 jar fruit
10:00-offer her a 4oz bottle, if she doesn't drink it I put it in a sippy
12:00- 3oz formula mixed w/cereal and 1/2 jar fruit or veggies
3:00-offer 4oz bottle, put in sippy if she refuses
5:00-3oz formula mixed w/cereal and 1/2 jar veggies
7:00-7oz bottle

I feed her the cereal 3 times a day, so that she gets more formula/water. This was agreed to by our pedi. I also give her a multi-vitamin once a day, because we were worried she wasn't getting what she needed. Basically she is very independent, loves to feed her self...she also will get cheerios or yogurt melts during the day. I will also keep a sippy of water on hand if she refuses the sippy of formula too...and she loves to suck on ice cubes in those mesh feeders, I figure she is getting some hydration that way too!

Amy Louise - posted on 09/09/2009




my daughter wakes around 7am and has a full wheatabix and a 4oz bottle at 9am

half a jar of food and a yoghurt at 1130am

8oz bottle at 1.30pm

half a jar and pudding at 430pm

and her last 8oz bottle at 7pm

User - posted on 09/09/2009




My son wasn't taking alot of liquids as well.. what I tried was giving him a spill proof sippy cup. He actually started to want to drink water (which used to be sucha hassle) It did become kind of a toy to him but when he's thirsty he just grabs it and drinks.

Marianne - posted on 09/09/2009




Mine only drinks 7 ounces at a time

She's going through a growth spurt, so at 5:30a.m. she gets a 7 ounce bottle
She has a half jar of baby food for breakfast and a 4 ounce bottle around 9 a.m.
She has another bottle around 12:30p.m.
She eats again around 4p.m. but that bottle is around 5 ounces.
She has her dinner half jar of baby food and a 5 ounce bottle around 8p.m.

Then goes to bed.

Jennifer - posted on 09/08/2009




My LO still eats every three hours. Wakes at 6am and I nurse him then. Eats breakfast around 8:30 (2 tablespoons fresh fruit and rice cereal) and I nurse or if I'm working a 5 oz bottle. Lunch around 11:30 (4 tablespoons of veggies or fruit and some cereal) and 5 oz bottle if I'm working or I nurse. Another 5-6oz bottle around 2:30, nurse again at 5. Dinner at 6 (4 tablespoons of veggies or fruit and some cereal) and just 2 oz of my milk in a bottle for bed around 6:15. And, after all that, he's still only in the 25th percentile for weight (95th) for height. Hope that helps a little!

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