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Audrey - posted on 04/26/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




my son is 3 months and two weeks, he has always hated being on his tummy on the floor. He used to like being tummy to tummy with me or propped up on my nursing pillow,but now he hates that to,i've tried everything i've seen mentioned on this site. Will he learn to roll over and crawl without tummy time? He cries so much and scratches himself i don't keep him on his tummy to long a few minutes each time. I don't want to push this, i want to do it for him not to him, but i'm worried his head will get heavier and it will be even harder for him. Is there anything else he can do to help streghten his back and arms and shoulders?


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Kimberley - posted on 04/29/2009




Mine too...he likes me holding him in the crazy wrap around sling the best....mine rolls, but screams when he gets to his tummy...I think he gets scared because I don't know if he's strong enough to lift his head and turn it to the side. I try sit with him against my chest in the sling as much as possible...don't know if this helps develop chest muscles or not?

Hilary - posted on 04/28/2009




We struggle with tummy time as well. I try for short bursts throughout the day and typically get at least one longer session. it's all in timing I think. But also read the suggestion of lying on your back and let them have tummy time by having them lie on your chest or tummy. this gives them the comfort they need and they are more likely to spend more time there. rolling a towel and placing it under thier chest while on the floor can also help a little.

Brydget - posted on 04/27/2009




I only do short tummy time sessions and when I do it I lie down next to bubs or strap her into the change table and walk to the other side of the room. When I do that she really lifts her head high to see where Mum went. But by far the best is tummy time in the bath, she actually loves it because she can kick her legs around and she lifts her head up well. Just have to watch that she doesn't get tired as i am always worried she will plonk her head down into the water!

I think a few minutes regularly is just as good as a long session. It is pretty normal it seems for babes this age to not be into the tummy time so I wouldn't worry. Just keep up with short sessions and do it as often as possible. I agree it is better to not push, avoid the negative associations and just keep it small.

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my son is 3 months too and he also hates tummy time so if you get an answer it greatly appreciated if you share with me too lol

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