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Naomi - posted on 05/30/2009 ( 14 moms have responded )




Has anybody else (May be an Australia specific problem) had difficulty when they're out getting hot water to heat bottles? I feed my baby expressed breat milk because I'm back at work and lately when we have asked different places (McCafe and a local hotel) for hot water to heat bottles they have said they can't give hot water anymore due to new OH&S laws. They can heat it in the microwave but can't give hot water. All the literature says you shouldn't heat milk in the microwave for safety reasons so how does that work? How is it any different from giving someone a hot coffee or water for a cup of tea. Have been finding this frustrating.


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Kirsten - posted on 08/02/2009




i use the microwave since Jamison was about 3 months and he is very healthy and has no problems.

Kara - posted on 07/25/2009




I am not sure if this is true or not but I was told heating breastmilk in the microwave is a big no no because it changes the composition of it, this does not happen with formula. I was having a hard time as well and slowly starting heating the milk less and less, within a week my daughter was drinking room temperature-cold breastmilk without any problems.

Brooke - posted on 06/24/2009




I fill my bubs bottles up with water and ask which ever place to heat it up in the microwave.. I then add formula to it and have to shake it, there is no harm in using a microwave for heating the water.. but for EBM i would bring the thermos.. It seems so much of a hassel, why don't you just feed bubs off the breast?? I used to use a sling and when it was time for a feed no one could even tell she was drinking..

Kate - posted on 06/02/2009




Yeah I agree. Some places wont even heat in the microwave.... I have been taking a bottle of boiled water and then adding the formula from my dispenser container and shaking it.... but sometimes i do just use the microwave and make sure i check the temperature of the milk before i give it to him... and always shake it first so there are no hot spots!

Naomi - posted on 06/02/2009




Apparently if you buy the hot water (Gloria Jeans charged a friend 50c) then you enter a contract the same as when you buy a coffee etc and then the business is not liable for any accident that may occur with that product - so might try that line in the future. But we've also got a small thermos too and are carrying a container for those places that have a nicrowave so we can heat the water in the microwave then heat the bottle if we need to! Not sure about the heating EBM (breast milk) in the microwave I've read it kills all the antibodies and good stuff in it as well as the risk of hot spots which as you say can be alleviated by a good shaking after a gentle heating. Thanks for all your input.

Rae - posted on 06/01/2009




If you decide to warm it with a microwave, I would ALWAYS check the temperature with your wrist before giving it to baby. Most warnings just say with microwaves, it could be too hot, but that is if u warm it up way to much. I microwave my daughters formula from fridge for less than 20 seconds because I don't want to give her extremely cold formula. But, I mean, who would be dumb enough to warm it up so hot?

Pip - posted on 06/01/2009




We were given great advice from a fabulous Paediatrician in Houston at Hoopers birth...dont heat. Not sure if you want to bring it down slowly...then finally just get it to room temperature? It sure makes travelling and going out a heck of a lot easier!

Melanie - posted on 05/31/2009




If i were you I'd communicate with your government and get answers--it doesn't make sense that heating breastmilk shouldn't be an exception to their laws. After all, airlines have made the exception. Otherwise, you could order tea, ask for the teabag on the side and then use the hot water but that doesn't seem fair cause you'd have to pay for it.

Sarah - posted on 05/31/2009




usually in places they have to have it behind the counter ..

i remember at work we used to use the hoit water from the coffee machine and have the bottle in a pot on the side .. as we weren't allowed to give them the hot water on the risk of scalding and stuff .. the parents would come over to collect it .. or we would take it over .... they did the same with me .... i work at mcdonalds in england .. but now i have a bottle warmer flask .. i can't make up feeds in advance now as he's on that apatimal easy digest that you have to make as needed as it seperates if left too long .. so i use the flask for cold water to cool a bottle .., have a milk powder dispenser and put hot water in the bottle in a thermos bag

Simone - posted on 05/31/2009




I've invested in a bottle warmer for the car. I got it at Woolies for about $20. If I know lil miss will need a feed while we're out I put it in as we leave (takes about 20 min to heat)and if she's getting fed within the next hour I keep it hot in (of all things) a stubby cooler...Bogan I know but it really works. The only other option is a Thermos of hot water everywhere you go. You can get smallish ones(about 2 cups/500ml worth) but the cups that come with it are fairly small but at least then you only have to ask for a mug.

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