How is your child progressing?

Heather - posted on 01/10/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




Just curious about where everyone's child is.

1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon? he's hit or miss. he can when he wants to, but still prefers to eat with his hands.

2. How well is your child speaking? he says mama, dada, ball, hi, bye, no, yeah, woohoo, makes several animal noises. He will babble all day long using hand gestures and even sounds like he's asking questions or telling you something, but heck if i can understand what he's saying. i think he's a little behind on the talking, but i'm not really worried right now cause he does communicate verbally, and he will listen to commands (when he wants to. lol)

3. crib or bed? we just moved him to his toddler bed last week, and he loves it.

4. physical development? he runs, jumps, climbs, tumbles, throws a ball (kinda dangerous there) i think he's pretty much in the norm here.

5. developmental playing? he still likes to smash the blocks more than build them, but he has started trying to stack them. We're still working on the shape sorting though.


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Lisa - posted on 02/10/2011




My daughter is not a vocabulary guru either, so it makes me feel better to know I'm not alone in this concern. My Ped told me to try more conversation with the child and less TV. Make them ask or express what they want before you easily hand it to them or "anticipate their needs". My daughter hasn't really warmed up to the spoon that well, but I fault my self for not forcing her to do so. She is still in a crib as we decided not to fix what isn't broken yet. She sleeps well each night! She walks, runs, climbs, likes to be chased, and likes to stack things, but doesn't really have the shape sorting down yet, despite my working with her! Most cities will offer a head start program thru their ISD, so give them a call if you're concerned about talking. Doesn't mean there is anything wrong, he may just need a jump start. :)

Sarah - posted on 02/08/2011




1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon? like most said its hit and miss .. he trys his best but still prefers to use his hands .. hey who needs cutlery when its easier to use hands?? haha
2. How well is your child speaking? he is sooo good! he knows a lot of nursery rhymes and his favourite tv themes (then again he is only 2 so he can't sing them properly) .. he's like a little sponge and copies pretty much everything .. can count to 10 (12 on occasion .. keeps missing 6 at the mo though) knows most shapes, colours etc ... at the mo he's sat playing with his jigsaw saying what all the pictures are .. eg. fire engine, police car, balloon! oh and best of all he can say mummy i love you!
3. crib or bed? been in a bed since 18months .. however he has never been the best sleeper .. prefers our bed .. hated the cot though! and likes his bed just not sleeping in it

4. physical development? climbs, runs, walks, spinning around in circles and going cross eyed is his favourite quite strange past time ..... he never sits still
5. developmental playing? he likes drawing, cars, his drum kit, his new favourites are play food, a hoover, washing machine and toy till! he likes mega blocks too and elc happy land

Lacey - posted on 01/27/2011




1.How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon?
~She can use them just not very well

2. How well is your child speaking?
~She doesn't say anything. Not a single word.

3. crib or bed?
~We tired out the bed for about a month and ended up having to put her back into a crib.

4. physical development?
~She can walk, and sway back and forth. She can climb up things if she's on all fours.

5. developmental playing?
~She doesn't really play with things. She takes things from other people like her brother and sister. She lines her toys up and likes to spin.


Liz - posted on 01/23/2011




1.How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon? Elise will use her hands alot or spoon and fork she like her hands best though I am trying to get her out that
How well is your child speaking? Elise is clear onsome things others she babbles. She will point to alot things I love it when she says thank you and your welcome
crib or bed? bed
. physical development? Elise runs alot and she climbs alot she cannot jump yet on her own but I will start working on taht
5. Development ? Elise builds blocks she is up to 8 she is pushing her buggy with baby around and working the dvd. She can count to 10 with my help her ABC's with help as well

Veronica - posted on 01/20/2011




1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon? My daughter eats wt a spoon or fork but if she is not hungry she will play wt her food wt her hands.
2. How well is your child speaking? My daughter says "nite, nite" "Haylee" "Mine" but mostly she just blahbers.

3. crib or bed? She sleep in my bed. I took her off her crip since she was one, because we moved somewhere smaller so we share beds. :")
4. physical development? she runs, she loves to dance! plays sports like soccer wt me n her dad, loves the water so swimming in the summer is fun.

5. developmental playing? She has that down. My only concern is her way of playing with other kids might be a little rough. I need to see how to teach her to be nicer to other kids.

Brooke - posted on 01/19/2011




1. how well does your child eat with a spoon or fork?
She prefers to feed herself, so although it does get messy she does pretty well. She also drinks out of a cup without making any mess.

2. How well is your child speaking?
She has a huge range of words. She can talk in a sentence... eg. shoes on please mummy, press the button, play outside now etc..

crib or bed?
she falls asleep in our bed then we put her in her bed or sometimes she just goes and puts herself to her bed.

4. physical development?
she runs, jumps, climbs, skips, has a good throw, kicks a ball..

5. developmental playing? she loves puzzles and can actually do the wooden ones, plays with lego-will ask us to help her build a house, loves dolls-gives them a bottle, changes there nappy and puts them to bed. Can play with a range of toys like blocks, rings etc but prefers toys like cars, dolls, books etc

Erin - posted on 01/18/2011




1. My son eats really well with both a spoon and fork.sometimes needs help with a spoon.
2.My son says a lot! to much to type them all lol, momma, dada, mimi, hi, bye, counts to ten, and can pretty much get the more important points he wants to make across. He still babbles a lot but you can usually tell what hes trying to say.
3. Leland has been in his big boy bed since he turned one. He loves it! and since i still live with my parents and he sleeps in my room, it gives him the freedom to climb into my bed with me if he wants.
4. I think hes pretty on target with his physical development. He loves to go to the biggest slides he can find. Hes pretty fearless. (which scares me sometimes)
5. He plays with monster tucks, his guitar, those are his favorite. i think hes pretty much on target with this, if not a bit ahead of normal.

Amanda - posted on 01/18/2011




1. Aeris can eat with a spoon or fork for all meals, she doesn't seem to have any difficulty but sometimes she still prefers her hands.
2. Aeris talks in full sentences. She says things like "the movie's over, I want more movies!" And "Mommy it's snowing, make a snowman!" lol she is amazing with language. She can sing Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday, ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ring Around the Rosie and many more songs. She can count to 10, and sometimes higher without guidance or encouragement.
3. We are having a really hard time with the bed thing. Aeris has 2 half sisters who unfortunately, until we get a bigger place, are sharing the master bedroom with her every second week. Aeris will NOT stay in her bed but she kept climbing out of her crib. Any suggestions to help me get her to stay in her bed? Her sisters were so easy.
4. Aeris does everything. She sommersaults, runs, jumps, climbs, can swing herself on the swingset, she just does everything.
5. Aeris loves to build castles with her blocks, do puzzles where you fit the right pieces in the complete the animals, she is learning to play hungry hungry hippos, and she is learning to use a computer (she already knows how to use the mouse and keyboard, she is learning when to use which for what games etc).

Angel - posted on 01/18/2011




1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon? Mikaela does really well, yet sometimes, she'll use fingers instead of her fork.

2. How well is your child speaking? She says too many words to list, and she's began using 3 - 4 word sentences. She still does 'babble' quite a bit too though, has full conversations that we can't understand!

3. crib or bed? we moved her into a single bed about 3 months ago because she was trying to climb inside and getting her foot caught!! She loves her big girl bed, and only got out once the first night, I told her in a stern voice she was not to get out until mommy or daddy got her out!

4. physical development and development play? she runs, jumps, dances, sings,loves the slide, has been doing shape sorters for quite a while, puzzles independently, stacks blocks, colours, loves stickers. Imaginitive play with kitchen and tea set, dolls, stuffies and little people sets, pretend play phones, looks at books and cleans up her own toys while singing the clean up song. She can point out shapes when asked, knows the colour blue, and a couple of letters.

Marica - posted on 01/18/2011




1 fork or spoon? My son is a bit lazy, he even wants to eat his cereal with his fingers, he likes to play with his cutlery but that's about it at the moment.

2 Speaking? My son Is a brilliant talker, I can't keep track of all the things he says, he can count up to ten, he knows all the colors of the rainbow, animals,basic shapes, body parts, emotions objects, he will ask for specific foods and drinks, he knows all his cousins names and his uncle and aunts names too. He also knows the different seasons, weather, different kinds of transport, He has been learning makaton sign language since three months too and I think it has definitely helped aid his ability to communicate.

3 Crib or bed? He likes to sleep in mum and dads bed still, but I normally carry him up to his cot and he will stay in until he wakes up.

4 Physical development? My son can jump up and down, he's a fast runner and a very good climber. He has very good co ordination and he is a good little dancer too, he can kick a ball, throw and we are teaching him to catch with balloons at the moment because they are light and easier to grab for than a ball.

5 Developmental playing. Indy likes His duplo, he does prefer to take things apart than build them but he will arrange the blocks by colour. He has a magic writer and loves to draw faces (scribbly circles with misplaced dots) he likes the stamps too. He has toy animals and he pretend cares for them, Although most of his play involves at least one parent he enjoys sitting on his own to play with his toys chatting away to himself.

Christine - posted on 01/16/2011




1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon?
Miles will always use a fork or spoon to the best of his abilities; small objects are hard for him to pick up with them, but he seems to hate eating with his hands, so he works hard at it. He tries to eat things that don't require this utensils to eat, as well. >>;

2. How well is your child speaking?
Miles is able to construct various sentences and can sing a few songs quite passably, such as the Alphabet song and "Ring Around the Rosie"

3. crib or bed?
He moved into a toddler bed around Thanksgiving because he was climbing out of his crib. It was a tough transition for about a week, then he did well for a week, then it was tough again, and now he's sleeping properly again. Whew!

4. physical development?
He started walking when he was 9 months, and hasn't stopped moving since; his throwing skill is getting more accurate, but catching is tough. He's pretty good at kicking a ball, too. He's also getting a little too good at jumping on his bed, and he's an adroit climber.

5. developmental playing?
Just this past week he's been starting to draw circular objects as well as unclosed straight edged shapes. He also drew a red blob which he declared to be a fire truck, so that was exciting. Like a lot of the rest of you have mentioned, colors are an issue; he knows all the names but I think it's a fluke when he manages to label any of them correctly. He's been good with blocks for a while, and declares some of his creations to be actual things; usually Cookie Monster. Shape sorting and identifying are pretty much mastered, but he'll still make a mistake between squares and rectangles occasionally.

Jessica - posted on 01/12/2011




1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon? My daughter can eat with her spoon or fork but prefers her hands lol. The only time she will always use her spoon is if she is eating her cereal.

2. How well is your child speaking? Abbi "talks' all day everyday. She can say so many things I cant even begin to count. She will repeat any word you tell her as well like if you are showing her new things. She can also say simple sentences such as "sippys empty. more milk please" or "i want candy"lol She will also tell us "Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I love you" (one of my favs) Oh and she really loves animal sounds esp growling.

3. crib or bed? Abbi has always been a climber so she went into her toddler bed after her first birthday and she still loves it (thank goodness)

4. physical development? We CANNOT slow this child down. She is constantly on the go. Climbing things running jumping. Her new favorite thing is to spin in circles till she falls down lol
5. developmental playing? Abbi really enjoys building with her blocks and playing pretend with her babies and kitchen but as far as sorting shapes she has no interest. We have been working on colors and she can say all the colors but doesnt really recognize any.

Apps+8278986302 - posted on 01/12/2011




1-she is good with a fork and spoon but sometimes she just gets unless we are having soup or cereal or something like that then she has no other choice to use her spoon.
2- she has alot of words i couldnt count them if a wanted to! haha she sais some sentences like i want juice or daddys home! she knows all the names of the sesame street caracters lol...and she knows like all the fruits names and stuff....she is at that stage now where she will repeat everything you say! she also is very good at telling me what she wants so now i just ask her what she would like to eat for lunch breakfast or snack and she will pick what she wants. its great to beable to finally understand what she wants!
3-she is in her toddler bed since about 19 months, she started jumping out of her crib so we had to change it into a toddler bed. were getting her a twin bed soon though because we have another on the way!
4-she runs jumps climbs does all that stuff...the normal! i donno if this is physiscal development or not but she loves to help out with everything like dishes, laundry, cleaning and cooking! and she always wants to wash her hands and brush her teeth. now we just need to get her into going to the potty all the time! one thing she doesent have much interest in yet! she picks out her own clothes and can undress herself. and she loves to wash herself in the bath. hehe
5-she likes to play with her mega block alot building towers and stuff and she is pretty good! lol not really into the shapes yet but she is learning numbers and she knows some of the letters of the alphabet. she knows the color she knows some of the names of other colors but she doesent get the name with the right color, just blue. she loves to color but she doesent get to often anymore because she also likes to color the walls. one of her favorite toys right now is her play kitchen she got for xmas, she loves to cook and make tea for crazy kid :)

Jennifer - posted on 01/12/2011




o i forgot number 3 lol
crib or bed? she wont go in her room an fal sleep in her bed no more she has to fal sleep on settee an be carryed to bed but she used to so i dont no what went wrong! :/

Jennifer - posted on 01/12/2011




1. How well does your child eat with a fork or spoon?

my 2 year old nos how to use both she jus to lazy an uses her hands an gets me wipin them everytime she put her hand i her food lol

2. How well is your child speaking?

she speaks wayyy to good for her age she copys everythin we say an her word come out clearer than any 2year old ive ever known, she never shuts up to b onest haha

3. physical development? she does it all onli thing she doesnt do is SIT STILL lol

4. developmental playing? my daughter likes to build toilet rolls up then knock them down she wil do it all day, she stil hasnt worked the shape sortin her self we stil showing an she loves playin wit kitchen an pretends to cook for us

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