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my son has never ate baby food,how do i decide what foods are right for him without using baby foods


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a great book to guide you here is called "Baby Love". I am not sure if you are in Australia however this is the bible for new mums here. It tells you weening techniques, introducing solids, what foods etc. When I introduced Harrison to solids I did the following:

3-4 days of one vege at a time (plain veges like potato, sweet potato, pumpkin (squash) etc. Do one at a time so you can ensure no allergies and ensure they are pureed well. Then add carrot, zucchini, turnip, peas, broccoli other greens etc one at a time to some sweet potato, potato or pumpkin. This will also ensure no allergies.

Stay clear from nuts until older than 2 years,

With dairy introduce slowly after all veges (my first yoghurt is good after introduced veges as is a tiny bit of cheese),

When bub is going well on vegetarian diet then if wish add some pureed chicken or beef.

THis is just a starting point. If you are looking at store purchased baby foods then try teh 4 - 6 months first then after 3 or so weeks move onto the 7 - 9 months (if this is the correct age group for your bub.

Between 7 - 9 months bubs should be introduced to mashed rather than pureed. In saying this my Paed advised introducing with pureed to assist in getting the chew motion.

If you are more into the fingerfood option as is what Mandy has referred to below then look up "Baby led wheening". This is the concept when bubs will eat what they want. Just remember to must be very attentive to bub as they can choke.

sorry about the info overload. I spent months and months researching this as my bub is a big boy and was eating solids at 4 months.

WIth times, I started with breakfast - rice cereal and pureed apple or pear about 1.5 hours after morning bottle (4 bottles a day)

Then when happy with breakfast I went to arvo tea at around 2pm fruit or custard or veges

Then I introduced lunch at around 11

when happy with all of that I introdcued dinner at 5.30 or 6.00.

He dropped a bottle himslef for a time then reintroduced it so don't worry if when you are giving 3 full meals and a couple of snacks that bub will lesson milk intake.

Mandy - posted on 10/23/2009




go to

it gives age appropriate food for them to eat. my son started solids at 6mo and has never had anything pureed. he ahs only ever eaten finger food

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