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Chris - posted on 01/01/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




my 1 year old is a very restless sleeper and wakes up lots during the night.....i don't really to 2 listen 2 him cry it out at 2 in the morning.....any suggestions on how to settle him down more so he sleeps better during the night?


Brandie - posted on 01/20/2010




My daughter is the same way! She doesn't wake completely up *she does a little though, but when I pat her back and give her, her pacey she goes back to sleep*, but she rolls around, kicks, tosses, truns, etc. all through the night.

Jo - posted on 01/22/2010




at one year old there is no real reason for your baby to be waking up in the night unless they are in pain or are overtired or undertired from too much day sleep. there are a few techniques you can do but it does depend what your day routine is like as to how they sleep at night. If you want to post your routine I can help you out if you like and give you some gentle tips on how to get baby back to sleep at night (I do this with Mothers every single day)

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My daughter is going to be 1 in exactly 1 week. She's been waking up off and on during the night lately, but normally, she's been a great sleeper. She's been sleeping through the night since she was about 4 months old. I am one lucky momma! But I've noticed that she just wants to see her mom during the night. I've tried a warm bottle of milk (she's completely off formula now) or just rocking her back to sleep. Also, I've learned that I have to make sure she is absolutly ready to go to bed, not when she is kinda sleepy. She has to be almost exhausted, for the most part. But they also could be waking up because they are hungry? Try giving the child some warm oatmeal or rice cereal before bed. That gives them a nice full tummy and they tend to sleep longer. One last thing, try a nice warm bath with the Johnson's & Johnson's night time bath and lather the baby up with lotion. Hope this helps!


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Breanne - posted on 01/23/2010




I'm in the same boat. Jo, I'd be interested in hearing about some techniques. We're trying to establish a pretty good routine, and I know napping with my daughter is very important with her - sleep begets sleep. And bedtime routine to help "signal" to her that it's bedtime (ie: bath, lotion, cuddles, wind down, bed). Other than that, she will wake up quite often through the night, but I think most times she's not really "awake", but rather stirring and usually settles herself back down. Around 4 am she wakes up, and will not go back with me feeding her (I'm still breastfeeding) and then she's fine. I'll be keeping an eye on this post.

Natasha - posted on 01/01/2010




as is my 11 month old daughter i havent found anyway to make her sleep through the nite yet.

Lisa - posted on 01/01/2010




I would be curious as to the responses you get because my 11 month old daughter is the same exact way....every night!

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