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Tracy - posted on 03/31/2009




my 2m old is on rice already and i didn't wait for the doc to tell us....he still eats all the time and doesn't have any problems...it depends on the baby.

Tiffany - posted on 03/31/2009




My son gets 12 tsp of cereal in every bottle only because he has acid refulx

Gina - posted on 03/25/2009




ever since my son was weened off breastmilk he eats 6 ozs about every 3-4 hours... hes quite the piggy lol.  But I just recently started spoon feeding him a table spoon of cereal once every night.  But my son has been able to roll over since he was 1 month old, and he is able to sit up assisted and hold his head up on his own very well.  I was also told it was fine bc he has already doubled his birth weight and weighs almost 16 pounds, but is very tall.  I guess it depends on your child's development stage.  If i didn't feed him cereal before bed he'd wake up almost every two hours at night.

I think if your child doesn't open his/her mouth to the spoon and eats the cereal yet, maybe try again in a week.  The first time I made sure it was a tablespoon of cereal to four tablespoons of formula.

I talked to my pediatrician about it, and she wouldn't of reccomended it yet bc of his age but like i said its where each child is in development.

Best of luck to ya!

Sarah - posted on 03/25/2009




no, I will start my son between 4-6 months, when he seems interested in eating.

Stephanie - posted on 03/25/2009




My daughter is not 8.5 weeks old and  has been on rice cereal in her bottle since she was 4.5 weeks old because she was eating 4-5oz every 2 hours and just didn't seem to be getting enough to eat. Mind you I only put 1/2 teaspoon - a full teaspoon for her BEDTIME bottle only. She's had no problems adjusting to it and sleeps anywhere from 4.5 - 6.5 hours at night now :)

Jennifer - posted on 03/23/2009




my three month old has been on rice cereal since he was two months, because he would want take 6oz every three sometimes 4 hours. The doctor suggested that we put two tablespoons in each bottle and boy what a difference.

User - posted on 03/23/2009




no but i want to start mine but i am not sure i asked the doctor and she said not yet but my little one doesnt seem to get filled so i think i might do it soon

[deleted account]

The American Pediatrics Association reccomends waiting until 4-6 months to start your baby on baby food. There digestive systems and little tummies are just not ready for it yet.

Of course there are sitaution, like reflux, that docs reccomend a little rice cereal to help.

We plan on stating rice cereal around 4 months, and will move on to veggies arond 6 months.

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