What's ur babies feeding schedule these days?

Annie - posted on 08/09/2009 ( 22 moms have responded )




I'm still breast feeding my baby and have been introducing him to solids over the last couple weeks. My problem is I can't seem to settle into a routine with when to nurse him and when to feed him cereal ect. Usually I nurse him first thing in the morning, after 2 1/2 hours is ready for his morning nap and sleeps for 2 or 3 hours so then I nurse him again. Then he's ready for his second nap 2 1/2 hours later and I put him to sleep and when he wakes up I feed him a little cereal fruit and veggie which he loves. Then I nurse him one more time before he goes to sleep for the night. I just don't know when to add a cereal time in the morning and the afternoon. I mostly worry about him staying hydrated and that my milk supply will come to a hault. What are some of you other moms doing out there?


Norma - posted on 08/10/2009




i read on the similac card that babies this age should have 3-5 nursings (24-32 oz.) in addition to solids (we started solids at 4 months, but if you start at 6 months then you should work your way up to 3 meals a day (solids) over the next couple of months- say by 8 months)

anyway, it looks like you have the 3 nursings and i'm assuming it's probably 24 oz (if he's drinking 8 oz. each time)

i would start with lunch- then add breakfast- then add dinner (it seems like you start with "dinner" i only say give them food earlier in the day in case there's a reaction of some sort to a new food- then you can call the dr.)

you didn't say what time he wakes up or if you plan to make your own food or use the jars- but here's what i would do based on your schedule (we do 3 nursings, 1 formula bottle before bed, and 3 "meals")

wake up and nurse

an hour later- breakfast (i give 1 oz. of fruit with 1 oz. formula and oatmeal cereal)

morning nap (2 hours)- i'm assuming around 9-11 am or 10-12 pm

when he wakes up- nurse
1 hour later- lunch (i give 1 oz. veggie sometimes mixed with cereal/formula depending on the consistency and 1 oz. fruit straight)

afternoon nap (you didn't specify how long) but i'm assuming it's around 3 pm

when he wakes up- dinner (like what you do now- cereal, fruit, veggie)

nurse before bed

now what i usually do- after the afternoon nap (which tends to be around 4 pmish- i nurse- this is my 3rd nursing of the day and i give dinner (solids) at 6 pm and then i give a formula bottle before bed- but if you're good with the 3 nursings, then keep it like that :-)

at meals i also give water in a sippy cup- she doesn't really drink anything- just plays with the cup for now

hope that helps!


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Jocelyn - posted on 12/04/2011




My baby is three months old and he feeds quite frequently- every 2 hours and each time he drinks 150ml or around 4-5oz. I have changed his formula a few times to see if I could find one to satisfy him and to help with his problem of frequently spitting up. He is now on Enfamil A+ the one in the orange can which is suppose to thicken in the stomach to help babies from spitting up. I find it quite well, but my son is still feeding every two hours and he is a whopping 16 lbs!! (9lbs 5oz at birth). He sleeps through the night I might add. I'm going to schedule an appointment with a pediatrician to see if there is a problem. Has anyone else had this problem? And what did you do?

Stephanie - posted on 08/09/2011




Feeding for my 8 month old

5am both breast
8am fruit and oat cereal
one breast
Noon 2 oz of a veg .5 oz protein(chicken) 1oz carbohydrate (like a sweetpotatoe)
4pm one breast
630pm 2 oz of a veg
.5 oz protein(chicken) 1oz carbohydrate (like a sweetpotatoe)
930 both breast
12 2oz fruit cereal
recently she has lost interest in my homemade baby food and has been eating small pieces of our dinner. However she is easily constipated and was thinking about adding an oz of water or soy or almond milk. ?

Nicole - posted on 09/03/2009




here is my son's eating/sleeping schedule and it works out perfectly for me i think:

730am: wake up
8:00-8:30am: breakfast (rice cereal or oatmeal cereal)
9:30am: 8oz bottle
9:30-11:30: morning nap
12:00noon: lunch (pureed fruit)
2:00pm: 8 oz bottle
2:30-4:30: sleeping for afternoon nap
5:30: dinner pureed vegetables and rice cereal
7:00: 8 oz bottle
7:30 bed for the night. and usually doesnt wake up until 7:30 the next morning

[deleted account]

my baby wakes up at 6 or 7 and breastfeeds then goes back to sleep till about 830 breastfeeds again and then eats oatmeal with bannana. He goes down for a nap about 1030 (for 45min to 1.5hours) then he breastfeeds and eats lunch (2 ice cubes of homemade baby food). then about 1 or 2 he goes down for a nap for about an hour. when he wakes up he nurses. then he goes for his third nap around 4 or 5 for about 1 to 1.5 hours. when he wakes up he nurses then eats dinner (2 cubes of homemade baby food). then he nurses again at about 8pm and then goes to bed for the night. so total he nurses 6 times and eats solids 3 times.

Mary - posted on 08/28/2009




My daughter was born Jan 3rd. She has an 8oz bottle when she wakes. An hour or so later has her morning cereal. Soon after she will lay down for her morning nap. She has veggie around noon or 12:30pm (I make my own baby food. She probably eats the equivalent of the 2nd jar foods). She has a 6 oz bottle around 2/2:30pm, then lays down for her afternoon nap. At 5:30 she has dinner, which could be veggie, fruit, or cereal, depends on the day. She has her last bottle, which is 7oz at 7:15/7:30pm and is usually in bed by 7:45/8pm.

Raina - posted on 08/28/2009





Feed times Solids Sleep times Bedtime
7am 8am 9.20am 7pm
11am 12pm 1.20pm
When she wakes 5pm

If your baby wakes before 7am, delay her milk feed until 7am, as this will encourage your baby to sleep longer. Otherwise, wake your baby at 7am and give her a milk feed.

Give your baby breakfast. Remember to feed your baby until she turns her head away. I recommend you give your baby two courses.

Put your baby to bed awake and allow her to self-settle. This means without the help of you or a dummy.

Give your baby her milk feed. This feed will start to get smaller as your baby gets older and is eating more solids. If you are worried about your baby’s milk intake add expressed breast milk or formula to her solid meals.

Feed your baby two courses of solids for lunch, one savoury and one sweet.

Put your baby to bed for a sleep. When she wakes, give her a milk feed. Do not let her day sleep add up in total to more than four hours.

Feed your baby two courses of solids, one savoury and one sweet.

Bath your baby, or give top-to-toe wash.

Give your baby her full milk feed. Your baby needs to finish this feed at least ten minutes before bedtime. If this feed usually takes longer then start it earlier.

Put your baby to bed fully awake.

Jenny - posted on 08/27/2009




I was lucky, as my daughter slipped into her own routine!!! I was also told by my maternal health nurse that once your baby hit 6 months you should give solids before bottle.

Abbey's day goes a bit like this:

8am - 8:30am - Wakes from night sleep. Has 2tbs of Farax (7-9month) plus a1 and a bit tbs of fruit mixed in with about 60mls of formula!!!

9:30am - 10am - rest of the bottle so about 200mls. Then she goes straight to bed for her morning nap!!

11:30am-12pm - Abbey wakes up and then will play.

12:30pm - Lunch! She'll eat a jar of custard or a mashed banana or youghurt. Abbey will then play again!!

2:30pm - Bottle about 200-260mls of formula. Abbey then goes down for her afternoon nap!!

4:30pm - Abbey wakes from sleep and will again play!

7pm - Abbey has dinner about 4tbs of different veggies and 1tbs of pasta or meat!! (just started the meat)

9:30pm - Abbey has her last bottle about 200-260mls of formula and then goes down for her night sleep!!!

Amy - posted on 08/26/2009




My son gets an 8oz bottle in the morning when he wakes up (around 9:30am) and that is followed with 3.5-4oz of fruit/vegetable. The same routine for lunch at around 2:00pm, as well as 6:30-7:00 pm and then he goes to bed around 8:00pm. He will usually have a 45 minute morning nap and a 1 1/2 - 2 hour nap in the afternoon. He has also started eating cheerios with each meal (1/2 pieces).

Lisa - posted on 08/22/2009




I believe the schedule in europe might differ a bit from the US or other countries, but our schedule is the following:

7am: 8oz milk

9-11am: nap

12 am: vegetables-potatoes-meat/fish meal (mixed, no pieces yet as he doesn't have teeth)

1pm-3pm: nap

4 pm: fruit meal (fruits + cereals mixed)

8 pm: 8 oz milk

8.30pm-6.30 am : night sleep

here in Belgium we are allowed to start giving them bread/sandwich from 8 months. So I'll be starting with that soon :)



Lisa - posted on 08/19/2009




I let my bub guide me when shes hungry.I nurse my daughter on demand still which can be 6-8 feeds a day. She usually has oats for bfast about 5 tablespoons. Playtime until 9-10 then nap for 1-2 hrs. Lunch is usually half mashed banana in yoghurt. usually another 30 min sleep between 2-4. rusk or arrowroot then bath. mixed veges for dinner around- prob equivalent to a jar (if not teething). As long as you feed regular you will keep milk supply.

Channa - posted on 08/18/2009




I weaned my son about a month ago, and has since then been on a schedule, when I was breastfeeding he was impossable to put on a eating scchedule. Anyway here is our daily plan:

5 am : wakes up bottle

7:30 : 2 cubes of fruit with cereal

9: bottle adn quiet time for 30 min - hour (sometimes naps, sometimes doesn't)

11: lunch, two cubes of veggies

1 pm: bottle followed by a 2 hour nap

3 pm: wakes up for serious on the floor playtime or a walk outside

4 pm: bottle

7 pm: dinner, 3 cubes of whatever, usually a mix of veggies and fruit with cereal mixed in

Bath time

8 pm or so: bottle and then bed time,

for the most part he now sleeps through the night, only wakes if he scoots to the side of the crib and can't get comfy again.

Heidi-Anne - posted on 08/16/2009




I give my son a 6oz bottle when he wakes up, then about an hour later some cereal and fruit. Then he will have 2 more 6 oz bottles usually 2-3 hours apart and then dinner usually a meat and vegetable and 2 more 6 oz bottles 2-3 hours apart. One being before bed. So in total about 5 - 6 oz bottles ( 30 Oz ) a nice size bowl of fruit and cereal, and a half a jar of veg and meat daily. And on these extremely HOT days I let him have a jar of baby apple juice.

Marcia - posted on 08/16/2009




My son is 6 and half months old, and he his daily routine is:-

7 or 7.30am - a morning feed of breast milk/ watches baby tv for 15 mins

wash and wash hair if needed (every 3 days)

9am - breast milk top up/nap if he hasn't napped before getting washed up

11am - Breakfast of 100ml formula milk, 2 ice cubed size of one main vegetable puree (some lumps), 1 cube of another vegetable , and 1 cube of another or cereal after his milk and 2 cubes one of the vegetables, or porridge instead of the cereal and 1 cube of one vegetable or fruit (each day and each week is different, plus a diff set of veges or fruit and veg over 3 days)

music, activity mat, book, or baby tv (varies day to day), nap for an hour if he's tired

2 or 2.30pm - lunch is formula milk whatever he'll have depending on how firsty he is from playing and how much he ate earlier. Sometimes it'll be the rest of the bottle from before so that's 75-100ml

3 or 4pm - half an hour or hour nap if he's tired, play and 40ml of water

6pm - breast milk, 4-5 tsp baby rice mixed with breast milk, formula or a bit of whole fat cows milk, then 2 cubes of a fruit puree or a veg puree, sometimes I've mixed the rice with the veg, friut or both ,15 mins of mild activity after he's settled his meal

8pm or 8.30pm - his dad's normally home from his late shift so it's daddy time (and daddy time whenever he's home from work), he baths him, he gets a massave with his organic lavendar lotion and a story or just talking to him and nap.

10pm - he has his bedtime formula milk that's heavier and a small amount of breast milk and it's bed for the night. He'll then sleep till 1 or 2am and then have a top up of breast milk if he asks for it, and wake for more milk or a nappy change at 4 am and then he's up again at 7am.

Have fun with it, luckily Aaron's routine fell in line with the one in my weaning book , where you feed your baby at 7am, 2pm,6pm and 10pm. So I've worked his usual one around the feeding ones in the book; as he used to feed 7am and then every 3 hours since he was a week old.

Good luck.

Camille - posted on 08/14/2009




I don't think you should worry too much about your milk supply. I haven't had a problem with mine even when I go out and miss a nursing session or 2. Anyway, I'm having the same problem, trying to start a solids routine... I was just giving solids whenever she was bored, hahah. Now we're doing fruits in the morning, veggies in the afternoon, and cereal in the evening. She doesn't really eat very much solids at this point even though she's already almost 7 months old. She prefers nursing still and gets most of her nutrition from that. The pediatrician says that's fine and they'll let you know when they need more real foods. They start nursing almost non-stop, getting hungry right after they were full. Oh, and I just feed her solids a half an hour or so after she nurses.

Danielle - posted on 08/13/2009




I bottle feed my son now and he gets his bottle when he wakes up then after that I give him some cereal with 1/2 a fruit. He is on 4hr feeding schedule. when he gets his fruit and veg for luch and dinner I feed it to him a hour before he gets his bottle. He usually eats his last bottle around 7 and I make sure to give him a bath evey night before his last bottle to wind him down and relax him.

Holly - posted on 08/13/2009




I think that sounds like a reasonable amount of food if that is what she wants. My baby has a 6 oz bottle when she wakes and then about 1 hr later has cereal and fruit. She then has a 6 oz bottle at 11 and 3 then veggies and meat for dinner at 6ish with 4 oz. and then 6 oz bottle around 830 before bed. I want to stop giving her the 4 oz wiht dinner but I also want her to be getting enough to eat. I guess when I start giving her stage 2 foods (that are bigger) I will try to stop it.

Valerie - posted on 08/12/2009




Compared to a lot of posts that I have read I feed my baby like a pig. But she is a big girl, and demands a lot of food. I already have her eating solids off of my plate. But in the morning I will give her a 7oz. bottle. Four hours later I will mix a 7oz. bottle with oatmeal. So she will eat her oatmeal, and then drink about 5oz. of formula. Four hours later I will give her a whole jar of veggies and fruit. Plus a 4oz. bottle. Then at night I will make another 7oz. bottle and mix it into her cereal. Then she ends up drinking about 5oz. of formula.

Lisa - posted on 08/11/2009




I give my daughter a bottle when she wakes up (5 oz) then an hour or so later she gets cereal and fruit. She will then go down for a 1.5-2 hr nap. After her nap she gets a bottle (4-5 oz). Usually around 3ish she will get another bottle and have a 1/2 hr-1 hr nap. I will give her cereal and fruit or veggie around 5-530. She will then eat about 5 oz before bed (8ish). We still don't have a consistent routine yet.....but it's coming...hopefully! I have noticed though that she isn't drinking as much formula (she will only take about 20 oz a day). We have her 6 months needles next week so I will be asking my doctor about it.

[deleted account]

I am still exclusively breastfeeding (my son was born at the end of January). I breastfeed every 2-3 hours around the clock, with a couple of exceptions -- he doesn't eat when I'm not home (I teach twice a week), and he cluster-feeds when I get home.

We should be starting solids but what can I say, I'm lazy...

Chrissy - posted on 08/10/2009





When my baby wakes up I give her a bottle (couldn't breast feed). She too will take a morning nap for about an hour or 2. When she gets up I give her a 1/2 jar of fruit with cereal. She gets tired again around 1:30. When she gets up I feed her 1/2 jar of fruit and 1/2 of vegs. When I give her food I will also give her 4-5oz. She than gets another bottle before bed. SOmetimes I do feed her before her second nap. IT depends what time she gets up.

Roxanne - posted on 08/09/2009




I bottle feed my daughter. I give my daughter a bottle when she wakes up in the morning than i let it settle for 15 minutes and feed her cereal and fruit. then she as a bottle every 4 hours after that. She gets dinner after the second last bottle of the day which is usually around 6. then she plays has a bath her big bottle and bed. I always feed after a bottle regardless of what time it is.

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