January 2010 Babies

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will my third baby be born early!

I had my frs baby 1 week early du to big induced! I had my second baby 10 daysearly my water broke! whats the chances of having my trd early! im due january 8 2010, my...


1st Birthday!

Hey, I was just wondering what some of you did or are planning to do to celebrate your baby's first birthday. I'm kinda stuck on what to do and could use some good ideas. Thanks!


fussy baby HELP

what are good ways to calm down when u feel like you wanna scream? i hate being upset around my son, but sometimes i wanna scream not at him but with him....any advise?



What has been the most surprising thing that has happened since your baby was born?



hello im laquinda im due 1-08-10 hopefully my son makes his debut dec.19 im banking on a 09 baby


Hi everyone...

Kelly F here. I am a stay at home mom to Simon (age 4) and live in Ontario,Canada. The GTA to be more exact. Not sure how many Canadian moms are on this board. My baby was...