January 2011 Babies!

First time Moms or Moms adding to their families with due dates in January!


Vote for Amelia!!

Please vote for my baby Amelia today in an NJ Cute Baby Contest!! Thank you so much!!! http://www.magic983.com/Showcase/Baby2011/View.aspx?ID=232277



I just found out I have a scheduled csection on January 24th, my husband will be gone. And then he'll be back for only 2 weeks before deployed for a year. Any advice.


baby here yippy

I had my son on 1/30/2011 @1pm he weighted 7 pounds 12 ounces is 20 and 1/2 inches long has black hair and green eyes I named him Ayoub


maternity clothes

Please consider donating or trading your maternity clothes to moms that need them. www.gailslistawish.com Thank you so much. I have several moms there in need of them. Gail


What are you planning on naming your baby?

I still can't figure out what to name my baby. I was so prepared with my son. I had two perfect names; one for if it was a boy and one for if it was a girl. Now I'm so stumped....