January 2013

For mothers due in January 2013


Introduce yourself

Hello all off you mothers (to be) out there! ;-) - I guess we aren't that many just yet.. but I'm hoping we will be! I thought it would be great with a little bit off...

Started by Ria on 05/16/2012 in January 2013

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Hi Mommies of 18mth old

What exciting thing is your 18 mth old doing? Have any of your kids started talking sentences? my daughter says "I don't know and counts to 5. She also can say 10-15 words.

Started by Wendy on 07/22/2014 in January 2013

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1st birthday

What changes am I supposed to make now that he's one. eg btls

Started by Elainefortune86 on 01/14/2014 in January 2013

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sensitive skin

hi does anyone know where i can get sensitive nappies from please and what brand they come in? i have contacted pampers and they say they dont do them anymore so im trying to...

Started by Lu on 06/12/2013 in January 2013

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Help for daytime sleep issues

My LO refuses to sleep on the go during the day. She hates her car seat and generally doesn't sleep anywhere except her crib or my Maya Wrap. This makes it impossible to get...

Started by Elizabeth on 04/18/2013 in January 2013

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My Precious baby girl is born 2 weeks early

Hello my name is Rufina first time mommy to Ariana Marie. She is the love of my life I found out I conceived Ariana around may of 2012, she was big surprise I was turning 19...

Started by Rufina Marie P Dela on 03/26/2013 in January 2013

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I don't know if u read my profile

Hi babe, thanks for the friend request. I actually lost my baby Ariana born sleeping January the 15th at 38.6 weeks pregnant. I miss her so much. I was so looking forward to...

Started by Cathy on 03/01/2013 in January 2013

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Any other first time moms?

First time mom freaking out! Can't read enough info and still worry. Baby is three weeks and we're getting along, but I'm constantly worried about the next step. Anyone else?

Started by Dawn on 02/04/2013 in January 2013

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Am i in labour? so confused?

Since last night, around after eastenders i got this feeling of being so uncomfortable, i went on my maternity ball to help but nothing would get rid of the pain, it then turned...

Started by Madeleine on 01/12/2013 in January 2013

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Plans for older sibling when in hospital?

For those of you having your second (or subsequent) children, what are your plans for when you go into labour? If you are married, will your husband return home to them at...

Started by Fit2BMe on 11/30/2012 in January 2013

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Stroller for 3 year old and newborn

We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 travel system now. Our daughter will be about 3 1/2 when baby arrives and she already weighs about 35lbs. I wanted to get a double stroller with an...

Started by Sarah on 11/05/2012 in January 2013

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Did you find out your babys sex?!

I am due Jan 14 with baby #2 (Son is currently 10 months) and we're expecting another baby boy!! Our first son is Damien Anthony and our new baby will be Derek James...

Started by Kim on 08/26/2012 in January 2013

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Is it normal to have false labor at 28 weeks?

Lately I have been feeling period like cramps but only at night. Is it normal for me to be having these so early in my pregnancy and does that mean that Im gonna go into labor...

Started by Crystal on 11/02/2012 in January 2013

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