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Jewelry Making Moms

This group is for moms who like to make their own handmade jewelry and do other beading crafts either for their own self, family, friends or as a business.


selling your jewelry?

If you've ever wanted to try and sell your jewelry to the public check out the catalog I just started to help moms do just that . At some point I hope to...


beaded beads

hi guys does anyone know where i can find a tutorial to make beaded beads?



I am a new mom and trying to expand my small jewelry business. I started at local flea markets and craft show in the northeast oklahoma area. I also have a website...


What's your latest project?

Hi! It has been awhile since some conversation and fall craft fair season is coming up (or already starting!). What projects are you working on and will you be selling them at...


What is everyone working on?

Just thought i would see what everyone is working on? Currently i have been on a crochet kick, so i have made a couple of tiered necklaces. They have turned out really cutesy....