My 4yr old won't listen or do anything, pls help

MoM Of - posted on 11/19/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My son is four and I'm abt to go crazy bc I don't know how to help him. He's lazy in school won't study his work can't barley count to 10 or say his abcs. He says I can't or I'm tired, just so he dosent have to do his work. I keep trying w him even when he says this. I've tried time out, taking toys away etc. He's also started basketball and won't get out there to practice or even try.. he just will only dribble the ball. He talks back won't eat food says he dosent like ANYTHING!! Plsss help!?!


Lorraine - posted on 04/18/2012




that sounds exactly what i'm going through with my son who will be 5 in 3 months time they drive you crazy to boiling point they do, i'm so sick of but why but why and he keep's doing things on purpose just for the attention i reckon. even just putting his shoes on the wrong feet and keep's asking me are these on the right feet when he sure know's what feet to put them on, in the end i had had enough and just ignore him and just walk away another thing that enjoys me is if I'm trying to watch tv he's always interfering so when he watches his tv i just do the same to him and keep interrupting him so he knows what it's like. he is lazy but always full of beans till the time he goes to bed, but i found that tea time is the best time to get through to him it's like a family thing now just so he will listen so we have little cards that i show him like pictures or could be numbers to get him to tell me plus we play a game that is don't eat your food because i found they do the opposite so if i tell him don't eat your peas he dose and works so give it a try but besides that I'm in the same boat as you getting them to listen i just hope he get's better good luck.


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Traci - posted on 03/19/2012




Have you tried a reward board/chore chart? My daughter loves to see her stickers go up on the board.. Certainly wouldn't hurt to try. And, as for the basketball - we had the same results with soccer... Some of the kids were in to it, some weren't. Just because we think they're ready, doesn't mean they are.. Give him another year and try again.. Good luck!

Kristin - posted on 01/16/2012




the good thing about preschool is that it doesn't count against him, I wouldn't worry to much. He is four and still a kid. When my oldest was in preschool he was just laxed about everything. I was worried, but just remember every child grows at their own pace.

The talking back is an issue though, try the naughty spot to see if it might help.

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