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I so agree with Laci. they will get the hang of it. and when they notice that there is really nothing they can do they will learn to deal with it. adn the teachers are well equipped to handle such situations. they are used to that.

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1 simple answer. Don't worry about it!

All children develop seperation anxiety at some age, and on one level or another. Regardless of how severe their reaction, the important thing is to not give in to it. Maybe sit down with your childs teacher and make sure they are ok dealing with your childs tantrums when you leave, then make sure you just leave. The longer you stick around, the worse things will be. Get in, get their coat off, give them a kiss and them you love them, then turn around and leave.

It's really very hard to do, and i guarantee you will cry your way out the door. But it is best for you and your child, and eventually they will learn that you are not leaving them there, that you ARE coming back. It's a routine thing. After awhile they will notice that you do come back everytime and they will be more at ease with you leaving.

A bonus about leaving them at school is that they have alot to distract them. Other kids, crafts, toys, activities, etc.

It's funny, but it's mostly hard on the parents because you feel your hurting your child so much, but in all honesty they get so involved in other things that it's not that bad for them.

Give it time and talk to the teacher. then give your child the same routine at every drop-off. make sure it's short and simple. and you don't get pulled in by "one more hug" or anything, just go!


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Thanks gals for your responses! It was really helpful and encouraging! My son is in his 2nd yr of preschool now :) he is well adjusted, never even cried during the 1st day of his 2nd yr in (nursery) school :) and u gals are right after 3rd week in pre-nursery he didn't cry anymore and was well accustomed to his new environment and routine :)

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