what is the best way to start potty training and what age to start? i aint a clue as i have never done it before.....see what best way to do it!!


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Rebecca - posted on 03/03/2009




wat i did,

i put serena on the potty wen amon the toilet,even whe she does nothing.

just so she knows its not something scary.

the first times nothing she dident even sit long on it.

then before her first birthday i try again and she did a poo and pippi.

fromthen on she did it every morning when whe went to the bathroom

for me the younger the better as i have seen many times ad the daycare i have worked that children from2-3years found it really scary.

i wil leave serena this summer without the nappy just in underwear.even when she pippi in it.i see that she really likes it without the nappy.

they wil have a period that they dont want to go on the potty serena got hers now,but thats just a face

good luck.

ps give them a toy while the are on the potty

Doireann - posted on 03/03/2009




I am one who firmly believes that if you take something from a child and they dont notice, there is no harm done. Same as introducing things. My son is on the potty and goes almost every time at 19 months. I started at 12 months! I dont think you should wait until their "ready to go"...By the time you show them the potty and they are used to going in diapers, they are afraid of the toilet. They are thinking...wow, its been great up til now...why all of a sudden do I have to use a potty? I say, start before they could notice the difference! My son sat on it for 15 minute increments every other day for a couple weeks. If he peed, we danced and flushed the big boy potty. If he didnt, we just pulled up our pants and waited for the next 15.  was afraid of flushing until we did it together but now he does it by himself. The reason why I say to start early is because if you do, then at least it calms some fears! Plus, Im not trying to diaper a three year old! Thats ridiculous to me! Start before they notice or can be afraid!

I started my son on sippy cups at 6 - 8 months! He didnt use it right away but he was at least introduced to it and it took less than a month to get him off bottles. Good Luck with this. Besides, only you truly know your child and can determine when they are ready.

Carla - posted on 02/28/2009




First thing first to start training you may want to read a story or give a short explanation for the potty. Then let your child sit on the potty a couple of times a day just so they will get use to staying on it. If you don't you child my go when you put them on but will immediately get up. Occupying their time is key. If you child starts to pull off their diapers or tell you they are wet then I that's a great sign. My first child I started around 18mos w/ the book and a potty. By the time she was 2 she had the poop down. Once she got that down I put her in the training pants so she would feel when she was wet. At that age its harder to get the timing right to go because to poop you have to push. Now my 2nd child was telling me at 15mos they had to poop so I started then.

Meghan - posted on 02/27/2009




You have to wait until they are ready as a mother of 4 boys I can say they are all different! My oldest was potty trained on his own at 15 mo. so when the 2nd child had no intrest in the potty at 18 mo I was confused Andrew (2nd) is now 30 mo. and finally starting to show real intrest, However Erik (3rd child) 18mo. is almost as interested as Andrew and will probably potty train with him I HOPE!!

Romi - posted on 02/27/2009




Well my daughter is 19 months, I started her potty training when she was 15 months. I just made her sit on it to see how she reacts and surprisingly she used it, so I continued. I make her sit in potty in the morning as soon as she gets up and at night, before giving her bath. She has not started telling me when she wants to go. every time I ask her if he wants to potty, she gives a big NOOO, even when she is actually doing it :) Not sure how long it would take till she is fully trained.

Kathie - posted on 02/25/2009




We waited until 18 months to introduce the idea, then gradually started the conversation. Then we started to add it to our night time bath ritual. She never feared the concept (we were lucky) and slowly got into it. We used a video called Potty Power when she was about to turn 3 and by 3, she was done with diapers. Sounds like a long process, but it happened so slowly over time, that it never felt like "training" at all and we had very very few accidents and hardly any frustration. My friend had a resistant little one and her mommy & me teacher suggested to put underpants on UNDER the diaper so she would feel the wet sensation (since disposable diapers are so good at keeping wetness away and keeping babies so comfortable) and want the diaper and underpants changed. She then started holding it and asking for the potty. It worked despite her resisting. Have a boy this time around so I am not sure how to go about it but will try the original way that worked first time I am sure. Good luck!!

Missy - posted on 02/25/2009




My oldest daughter was over three when she potty trained. I thought she would be 30 and still wearing diapers! I asked her doctor when I should push her and he said not to, she would tell me when she was ready. I didn't think he was right till one day she got up and said she wanted to wear underpants. We put them on her and told her that she would have to use the potty. We had three accidents and that was it. I never thought it would be so easy. My best suggestion is not to push...I would buy underpants and all the things you need to use the big girl/boy potty and explain it to your little one and then wait till he/she is ready.

Angela - posted on 02/24/2009




My oldest who is 30mos old isn't even potty trained yet. We slowly started introducing her to the potty when she was about 18mos old. We never bothered pushing her. We are doing the same thing with our middle daughter who is just now 19mos. I think it helps that she sees her older sister trying to use the potty. Some kids aren't ready until they hit 3yrs. Don't worry, when it's your little one's time, they'll let you know.

The signs I looked for are consistently taking off her diaper once it's dirty or wet and letting mom or dad know everytime she dirtied her diaper. I feel that if the child can tell you that, then it's time to start training.

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