What should I do when my child throws a fit?


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Laura - posted on 01/22/2009




I agree on the ignoring part... my 18 mo old usually does it when were at home w lots of people so I just ignore him or take him to another room and sit w him, then ask if he's ok and says "yea" and give hugs...maybe he just wants some individual attention? or maybe he's hungry or tired?

Jessica - posted on 01/22/2009




My son thinks the world revolves around him. He would get the most upset when we would be at a store and We wouldn't let him run around. So he would throw himself on the ground and scream. I would just let him for about five or so min and then calmly ask him if he was done. Usually he would look at me like "oh that didn't work" And get up and then be fine. I usually ignore him when he throws fits. Best advice, stay calm. Little ones can totally tell when you are upset, it fuels them.

Shiloh - posted on 01/19/2009




I agree, if we are at home I walk away. his trantrums are very few and far between.  Good naps and regular snacks help also.

Keli - posted on 01/18/2009




I have an 18mth old red head who throws temper tantrems all the time. I learnt early on that it's easier to just walk away. If I don't give him any attention he stops sooner.

Elizabeth - posted on 01/18/2009




My 17.5 month old son Teimur also has these tantrums whenever he is told “No!”, and we try very hard not to say no for just anything and save it only to dangerous behaviour or when he hurts his siblings. My daughter who is now almost 7 had these of course but never so severe, and my other some either. Teimur in not as advanced in his speech as his brother and sister were at 18 months, so I think one of the reasons is that he wants to communicate and we do not understand him. When we say “no” or take something dangerous out of his hand (usually small items that he could choke on) he just throws himself in the floor very hard and hits his head and cries - so now I just move him onto the carpet so the blow will be softer and leave him. The best thing is to make sure they are safe and then leave them to cry it out, they soon learn that this behaviour does not get them anywhere and the tantrums become rarer.

That’s why they call this age the terrible twos - you just have to bare it, try and be calm and keep them safe, they will become better at communicating and it will be easier to calm them. But I think the term is misrepresenting - this age of toddler hood lasts in some way or other from one and a half till the age of 4 J . My other son who will be 3 on Tuesday has sometimes these kind of tantrums, and even he needs to just calm down on his own, talking to him at the time when he is upset gets me nowhere. Again, however painful it is to see you little angel crying, the best thing is to calmly ignore him and hug him when he calms down and comes to you. Soon they grow out of it and you will have a few nice years…. Till the teens start!

Erin - posted on 01/17/2009




my son has started throwing himself against things or headbutting the wall etc, ignoring seems to work for us

Amanda - posted on 01/17/2009




I usually pat my son on the back and tell him he's ok and he should clam down (as my child health nurse told me when they get too worked up they actually scare themselves.) Then put him out in the hallway away from all the toys, and wait. He'll usually scream for a bit then come back to play. If he comes up to me still crying i pick him up and sit quietly with him. If he kicks or hits it's back on the floor and ignored. Repeat until he settles down.

It seems to have helped, we have less tantrums now than we did a month or so ago.

Hope that helps you?

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