Autism keeps coming up? but the health visitor is'nt worried so i dont know if its spiteful words?

Lisa - posted on 08/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




First he's two and 1 month and can say a few words vnot very often at all, he communitcates by pointing at what he wants and making a seal type noise 'uhh uhh uhh uhh'. he never complains which some people would find good but its hard work because i never know what he needs unless i stick to a routine etc, He is obsessed with spinning wheels and seperates his foods.
But, he is very affectionate and communicates with his eyes he looks at me and hugs and kisses me he loves being tickled and tickling, he knows how to point to his nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hair, teeth, cheeks, belly and toes. He knows what No mean even if he doesnt do what i want him to ha..Hes very cheeky and he loves climbing. He loves diggers and tractors like normal boys and loves anything in the night garden..Im worried as a few people have commented on his speech and its hard not to compare with my littlest brother who is 2 months older than my son and can count to 10 and i quote a conversation i had with him 'Where's mummy james?' and he replies 'In the kitchen making jame's dinner.' and 'Whats on the television james?' reply 'night garden thats iggle piggle' so im exasperated and i feel very upset right now, i do feel a failure..i have flash cards and if i ask kurt (my son) to get a book he'll get a book and sit on my knee and we read together he autistic or even mildly??


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Katyna - posted on 08/30/2010




Firstly, you shouldn't compare your children to other children, or you can be up for disappointment. I'm a Family Day Care Provider, and I have a 2y1m daughter, and currently 2y3m & 2y2m boys. Neither of the boys speak well, and we do a lot of talking, copying, etc, whereas my daughter is speaking full sentences, expressing her feelings, and asking for things when she wants them, and the boys just point and grunt or babble. It is common for boys to be "lazier" than girls, but there a plenty of milestone checklists on the internet that you can use to check. The thing with ASD, being Autism Spectrum Disorder, is that it is a massive umbrella, and no two Autistic children will fall under the same classification, of have the same issues. If your son is still communicating with you, and does express himself, and is affectionate, then if he does fall under the ASD classification, it is going to be slightly harder to get a professional to believe or acknowledge your concerns. As i said before, there are plenty of developmental milestone checklists, you can find them in Google. Complete a checklist, trying to be as truthful as possible, to see where your son is/should be, and go see another health care worker if yours doesnt listen to your concerns, or see if you can get a referral from your doc. Hope this helps..... :)

Vanessa - posted on 08/28/2010




there is something call asburg syndrome look it up they try to tell me my son was autistic he still has the whole separation of food and when he was young every toy had to be in a straight line. he pointed he wouldn't talk but i let he get away with it for a long time. and remember just cause they may learn diff doesn't mean anything is wrong with them and i how u feel the only way i could get him to learn his abcs is to have him watch leap frog me and my hubby tried everything so ik how you feel keep trying good luck

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