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Christianne - posted on 05/22/2009 ( 15 moms have responded )




How interested is your baby in books? How long do they sit there and actually pay attention to what you are reading? Do they help flip the pages?


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Diane - posted on 06/04/2009




My baby loves books. He flips the pages (sometimes before I'm done). Board books are best and ones with cut-outs and mirrors. If he wants to read it more than once I go through another time and just point out what's happening in the pictures.
His favorites:
Hello, Baby (eventhough it's meant for newborn to six months he still loves it)
Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
All Asleep by Joanna Walsh
Peek-a-Who by Nina Laden (has a mirror)

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My daughter loves to hold the book and flip the pages though clumsily and often fold or tear it because she is frustrated not being able to do it smoothly (poor books!). She won't sit still when I read for her. She would try to flip the pages all the time. But she knows whenever we read from a book and will excitedly approach us but only to take the book away from our hands. I think reading the same book over and over again is certainly rewarding. But no pull-the-tab / peek-a-boo book for her. She will rip the pages to get the hidden pictures. Nowadays, she can sit down with her favourite boardbook and 'read' quitely for a minute or two and can point out some pictures when we ask her. Hopefully she will be an avid reader like her mom and dad later on.

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my little one likes to hold the book, flip the pages and talk. It's cute and I act like she's reading to me. She loves it. She'll do it for about 20-30 min sometimes.

Tawana - posted on 05/30/2009




ok you ladies made me feel a little better I thought my child was the only baby not interested in reading he will play with them and pull them off the bookshelf and also bring them to me. I started reading early also but he had never been interested in it I have even tried the your baby can read dvds but he don't seem to be interested in TV either unless music comes on and his attention span won't last until the song goes off. Is this just a phase or will he learn to love reading later on?

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Marleigh loves to play with her books. She pulls them all off the shelves, flips through them, tosses them about. She has no interest in me reading them to her though. She's way too busy for that. I'm working on it.

Yelena - posted on 05/27/2009




Oh, this is such a sore subject for me. I am an avid reader, but my little guy won't sit for even a minute for me to read to him. He starts going for the book, turning it around, etc and eventually wants to chew on it. I hope it will pass, bc I will be heartbroken if he doesn't like to read, but at this point, I don't think there is anything else I can do.

Alycia - posted on 05/25/2009




My son loves books, he points to things and mumbles to us. He has a favorite one though and if he's upset you pull it out and start reading and he calms down right away. He has a bin that is full of books and by the end of the end of the day there are more books on the floor he went through than toys. I like it, who knows how long the pure enjoyment of it will last! He sits through books only if the writing isn't too long, sometimes I simlify it in my own words and he likes it better. For a kid who loves books to read and look at he also like Charmaines daughter puts them in his mouth, if I'm not paying attention then I see his mouth chewing something and I go over and it's a piece from a book he had been looking at. Apparently the books are just so good he could eat them :D

Charmaine - posted on 05/25/2009




I have found with my little girl that she absolutely loves those books that are very colourful, to the point that she laughs hysterically when we read them to her and gets super excited. All the other books that aren't so colourful just get thrown to the side or head straight for the mouth.

Shanna - posted on 05/24/2009




My daughter loves being read to! I read to her every night after bathtime (right before bed) and she loves it. She just sits on my lap and listens. Sometimes we lay on the floor. I've read to her every night sonce she was about 5 months old! She now knows to flip the pages when I tell her to. She points at objects in her books and I tell her what they are after I'm done reading the page. She really enjoys it. I get the hard cover books like the Baby Einsteins or the little Dr. Seuss books, whatever I find. That way, she wont wreck them. She doesnt really play with them though. I just bring one out before bed then put it back on her shelf.

Kamila - posted on 05/24/2009




Aiden loves reading books..especially touchy feely ones. I read and he sits beside me on the floor and looks at the pictures. Sometimes he sits there and listens, other times he wants to look at the book himself and flip the pages on his own.

Denise - posted on 05/24/2009




Ava likes to turn the pages, but she won't let me stay on one page long enough to read! She has a lot of the texture books that she likes to touch.

Zoie - posted on 05/23/2009




My little guy will sit through 7-10 books. We started reading to him when he was 4 months old so he already has his favorites like Gossie. He loves the color yellow.

Bethany - posted on 05/23/2009




My son loves to play with them on his own but will not sit still anywhere long enough for me to read to him- we used to try reading books before bed but gave up a while back!

We have a few that have textures on the pages (like furry ears or bumpy tires...things like that) that he really seems to like- he finds and touches all of them by himself.

Lisa - posted on 05/22/2009




Yes, same as Krystelle. We prefer board and fabric books of course, then they're safer to leave with DD3 LOL

Krystelle - posted on 05/22/2009




My little girl will "read" her books lol. She'll pick up one look at it, flip a few pages, toss it aside, grab another. She actually really enjoys playing with her books.

When I read to her she will pay attention but she is always trying to grab the book and play with it. I read fairly short stories so she doesn't lose interest.

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